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Sun, Jul 19 4:10pm · Our 10 Yr Old Was Just Diagnosed with Covid-19 in COVID-19

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Sun, Jul 19 1:44pm · Our 10 Yr Old Was Just Diagnosed with Covid-19 in COVID-19

@fiesty76 – The virus was acquired somewhere, from some other person. Rationalizing the choices that were made, after the fact, is not useful. The second paragraph of your earlier post says the children/families (numbers of people) at hockey/football practice may not have been restricting activities. That's the core of this dilemma. Choosing to send one's children among other people who may or may not have been isolating was the error. It doesn't matter what the underlying circumstances are, or the reasons for making the choices. The parents went against the science, period. They took a chance, several times, apparently. The sooner people realize there are no exclusions, the virus will attack anybody, no matter how nice, even the children of doctors, the sooner we can get through with this horror. What you say is exactly the opposite of the truth. If more families in this nation were "adhering to the same precautions this family has taken" then there would be MORE spread of the pandemic and MORE lives lost. I am not trying to be cruel, only to speak the truth, and have logic prevail. You cannot let down your guard, with your own life, or your child's, even for a second. "Children's overall health and well-being" has to take second place right now to children's actual ability to remain alive, and to their not becoming spreaders to other people and other people's children.

Sun, Jul 19 9:38am · Our 10 Yr Old Was Just Diagnosed with Covid-19 in COVID-19

I am going to say what no one else seems to be saying here. Best practices were NOT followed, at all. The youngsters, if I understand it correctly, went out into the world among other kids, and/or adults, to participate in three different sports activities. That doesn't sound cautious to me. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. If so, please correct me. It seems like there's no reason for surprise here. I wish them all the speediest and most thorough of recoveries, with no relapses or long-term effects!

Fri, Jun 26 11:16am · Grief in the Time of Covid-19 in Caregivers

@fiesty76 I am so sorry you have lost your dear friend, and are having to suffer through this loss in such an unsettling and trying time of chaos. She is gone now, but she was supremely fortunate to have had you as her friend throughout her life. Not everyone has that. Try to remember that your friendship was a loving gift that made a huge difference to her for her entire life, and that will never change.

Sun, Jun 7 7:13pm · Blood Types and Covid-19 in COVID-19

Jake – Wow, you really know the drill, don't you? But good grief, do you have any fluid at all left running in your veins? I donated once, but inadvertently let myself go to donate in a very dehydrated state, and nearly passed out. I know better now, but still don't feel particularly blood-laden since my thyroid doc wants blood way too often, in my opinion. (bok bok bok cluck, I'm a bit of a chicken…) However, your example is very inspiring and the need is great, I know.

Sun, Jun 7 7:05pm · Blood Types and Covid-19 in COVID-19

Ingegerd – What a great story! I think I woulda run upstairs too.

Sun, Jun 7 5:17pm · Blood Types and Covid-19 in COVID-19

Jake – Good idea. I've been meaning to anyway. I wonder if there is an upper age limit.

Sun, Jun 7 5:15pm · Blood Types and Covid-19 in COVID-19

Ingegerd – Thank you for bringing that up; it seems like maybe I saw my blood type on my birth certificate. Does that seem likely?