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Thu, Apr 2 6:42am · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

Thank you Jake for responding. Some of the terms you mentioned are new to me. My son was in college when these seizures began and I went to the Neurologist with him in the beginning stages. Since then, he has regularly seen that doctor but I have not been at those appointments. I have not heard of the Ictal stage, but that sounds right. He reports to me that he doesn't hear me and is not aware of my presence during the post seizure time frame when he is very confused and stumbling and unpredictable. There doesn't seem to be any anger attached to any part of this seizure process, it appears to be more like a zombie. The neuro has not labeled his epilepsy as temporal lobe or frontal lobe or any other that I know of. I'm at a phase of wanting to know more now that he has dropped out of college and returned home and I am experiencing these seizures with him more often. He tried to stay in school and was not letting on how difficult his life had gotten until he finally broke down and admitted that he just couldn't handle the stress of it all. He was failing more classes than he was passing and partly due to the missed classes/tests/etc as a result of the seizures. I want him to have a high quality of life and get a handle on this epilepsy to minimize its effect. I want to understand this better so I can help him more so I really appreciate your help. I will be looking into the Epileptologist idea, I had no idea they existed. Just for record, we are in Georgia.

Mon, Mar 30 3:49pm · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

My son, 24 yrs old, started having seizures 3 yrs ago. I have witnessed several of these seizures and want to know if what I'm witnessing is typical. He will stiffen and collapse to the floor, have convulsions for a time, seem to go into a deep sleep for a minute or two, then rouse and get up off the floor all the while being unconscious) and flail around the room knocking things over, stumbling into everything, basically destroying the room until he regains consciousness. He has no remembrance of any of this and usually "wakes" to find me hovering over him wondering why I'm hovering over him. All this is followed by splitting headaches, sometimes a bitten tongue and generally feeling horrible. It can take him several hours before he even feels like participating in life again. Is this common? Are most of you experiencing these scenarios?

Fri, Mar 27 10:24am · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

My 24 yr old son began having seizures three yrs ago. He has a Neurologist now, has had scans of all sorts, is on medication and still has seizures. The seizures themselves don't seem to be causing as much upheaval as the behavior post seizure. He has Tonic Clonic Seizures which seem to last 2-5 minutes followed by loss of consciousness, then the worse part is the waking up/coming to that usually lasts 10-30 minutes during which he flails around like a zombie, cannot communicate, is totally out of control, can trash a room quicker than 10 happy Labradors knocking everything off tables and shelves with their tails. This is all followed by me having PTSD over the whole incident and feeling completely helpless. Do others have these same experiences? Does he need a different doctor? Is he ever going to be able to live alone or do I need to accept this as my "new" way of life? I'm approaching retirement and can't imagine him having to always live with me and not being able to work and have a life due to these seizures. I need someone to talk to.