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3 days ago · Debating hip replacement in Joint Replacements

@cwle The newer methods of hip replacement are devised to return the patient to normal function. I was about 300 lb when my left hip was no longer functionate. 2006 I had a total arthoplasty. It was computer generated the first in that hospital. I went home five days after surgery with a walker. Had two weeks home PT. Started driving after three weeks. We had seven stairs. I used my walker folded up as a support for the right arm while I held onto the railing with my left hand. 2018 I was 170 lb when I broke my right hip and my elbow had a posterior replacement and my right arm in a massive cast. It was nightmare I learned to eat with my left hand. Until the cast came off I was trapped in the bed. As soon as I could force my self to sit up and transfer to a commode chair I felt human again.As soon as I could stand up and walk at PT I transferred to assisted living for six weeks to live like a sentient being. When I got an apartment on the first floor alone with my emotional therapy dog. She walks me three times a day that and housework is my exercisize. Please realize you're are the same person you were after the hip replacement as you were before. If you like me were not athletic you won't change unless you are motivated and push through. It's up to you. You need a hip rep!a cement to stay out of a wheelchair and a nursing home. Everything else is gravy.

4 days ago · Dreams in Sleep Health

@collenyoung I took your advice and read the article. It explains alot of my dream and sleep issues. Melatonin is the main ingredient in Sleep3. It's a stronger mix with GABA and an amino acid but it really answered my sleep problems. It's always nice to have a solid medical explanation.

5 days ago · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

@peach414144 I've been submerging myself in electronic media for almost a month just watching listening and trying to deal with all undone things that will make me feel better. With covid I'd felt abandoned emotionally. My gentleman friend had multiple and increasing psychotic episodes. My stress level increased until I had muscle spasms on my second visit to the ER my physical pain was so extreme that I had a PTSD bread and finally scored. I refused psychotropic meds. Resting at home I had PT which helped me to actively release my physically tension. He's in memory care permanently. I realized that from a very young age everything and anything that went wrong I had told was my fault. I finally got it Not mtinto that I was only responsible for me and now what I need is self love. And the fact that my worst torture is OVER. And it comforts me to know that in after 73 years of anguish that all the people responsibe except 2 are dead. The last 2 have a foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I epitomize the expression revenge is best eaten cold. I'm enjoying Shadenfrued. It's a relief. I'm responsible for my own thoughts and deeds. The psychological effect of Ruth Bader Ginsberg dying on the evening beginning of Rosh Ashona was cathartic. I cried myself to sleep and woke up crying. All the freedom I received as a woman was due to her efforts. I feel hopeful that I can keep going without any drawbacks. Only regrets are it took 77 years to get here.

5 days ago · Mayo Clinic Patient Cafeteria Recipe: Sweet Potato Hash in Just Want to Talk

@colleenyoung Thank you for posting the recipe. It has a lot of what I like to eat. I'm going to make one change Canola oil is not the healthiest. I only use extras virgin pure oiive oil. I'll use this recipe with salmon filet. Can't wait to get some kale just had it in a salad and want to add it in to more of the winter diet.

Fri, Sep 18 1:09pm · Sleep Apnea and CPAP machines in Sleep Health

I'm answering you and Jim. Pulmonary specialist should be the one to order a sleep study and follow up. BiPap pressure is set at the fitting for a machine. The accessories for both cpap and bipap need to be replaced periodically. My schedule is disposable filter every two weeks face cushion once a month headgear and water tank ( reservoir) and air hose every six months. A sleep study is necessary to determine which type of machine is needed. I can't breath through my nose while sleeping. Apnea means breath stops. BiPap pushes air through my gasping mouth. No one should on their own buy a machine without a sleep study and a trained professional assisting.

Thu, Sep 17 10:12pm · Sleep Apnea and CPAP machines in Sleep Health

I read your second post after my previous one. You need to talk to a a pulmonary specialist.. Once they read your report there should be action taken. Do you have insurance? The doctor may be able to help you get a replacement and a BiPap. Your condition is serious. How could this idiocy occur? You are in the us aren't you? It's not your fault please don't take what I said personally. You're not expected to be your own doctor.

Thu, Sep 17 9:54pm · Sleep Apnea and CPAP machines in Sleep Health

@woogie relax that's not unusual it just means that you have sleep apnea. You need and will be prescribed a BiPap. It means two different pressures to keep you breathing. I've been using a BiPap for almost thirty years. Before it was diagnosed my snoring was so loud when I went on a woman's retreat to the Maine woods with eight other women in the bunk room all woke up and took their clothes and bedding including mattresses and took it down to the big great room to sleep. In the morning when I woke up I was alone. At the breakfast line other women that I didn't know were wondering what that awful noise was and thought it was a defective generator. I was humiliated but on the way back Aretha said next year we should get a cabin in the back. Everybody else is afraid but you'll scare the bears away. It's funny now.The snoring is the body trying to get air. Apnea are when you stop breathing it sounds like what it is gasping for air.This condition can cause damage to the heart raise your blood pressure from the struggle and cause sudden death. Not all at the same time. It took me years to get the setup that's most effective for me. And a machine with gear that lets me sleep. After losing two hundred lb I had to accept while I was healthier sleep apnea is permanent. Get your rig ASAP Medicare and most ins pay for it. Now if there only was a simple fix for OA.

Tue, Sep 15 5:00pm · Sleep Apnea and CPAP machines in Sleep Health

Need to correct myself. The pressure of a BiPaP is set to each patients needs. Since I stop breathing mine is set at 18/5. The highest the dream station can be set. That's 18lb in and 5 out. I experienced multiple apnea a night. This starts my breathing in case I stop. Plus the latest I have nasal collapse. I have to breath actively or less air goes into my system. Old age does wonders to us. Makes you wonder why advanced age is so difficult. Sorry to annoy you.