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Sun, Mar 22 10:07pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

I am sorry to see that you all are experiencing exactly what I am experiencing but I am relieved. I literally left Advent Health Orlando in tears today because of the how my nurse, charge nurse, and admitting MD treated me. I stayed in the hospital two days during this Pandemic to be told I was fine (just constipated) and the tests didn't reveal any reason for my pain level. I was told to take Tylenol, Miralax and Docusate and to slowly resume a diet. I tried to tell the nurse I wasn't comfortable with discharge because I am being sent home with no answers, no instructions, and no medications. What was the point of being hospitalized?
Let me back up…I was hospitalized in October because I had a cecal volvulus. I had a third of my intestine removed…it adhered to my liver. I had a rough couple of days after surgery but everything was going well except for occasional constipation. Well, at the end of Feb. I woke up in excruciating pain (in my right upper quadrant). I ended up having to call 911. I got to the ED and the pain started to subside on it's own without any intervention. I found out I was pregnant at this ED visit so I couldn't get a CT scan. Well the same thing happened this weekend and I ended up in the ED again. The US was fine in the ED but they recommended I stay to get pain managment and a MRI. Well my MRI was fine and from that point on my MD and nurse started treating me like a drug seeking idiot. Can you all give me any insight and even better tell me what to do to stop this from happening again?