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3 days ago · Dad just diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma in Lung Cancer

He’s fortunate to have you and your sister to help navigate this new world. It’s not easy!! Good to hear that his care team has ordered the biomarker testing. It can take some time to get results (usually two weeks), but it has the opportunity to be a game-changer in treatment and ultimately quality of life. Hoping for the best for you all.

4 days ago · Dad just diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma in Lung Cancer

Has he had any biomarker testing completed? They can do this using a tissue sample or a simple blood draw. This helps to determine the specific type of adenocarcinoma and can lead to a better match between the cancer and specific treatment.

Mon, Jul 20 6:58am · Non- Small cell lung cancer with PIK3CA H1047R Mutation in Lung Cancer

Ina, I’m ALK positive, a different gene mutation than your father has. Each of the mutations are very different in the way they act and in the medications that they respond to.The science behind the targeted therapies is nothing short of amazing. I’ve had remarkable success on a targeted therapy. I was feeling better after the first week of starting the medication. I wish you well, and hope you find a therapy which performs well for your dad. Take care, Lisa

Fri, May 15 7:19am · What advances in treatments for Lung Cancer have you had? in Lung Cancer

I’m fortunate to be able to be so close, and to not have to take public transportation. Once I’m at the hospital, I feel safe. There are staff walking around spraying/wiping everything down. Temperatures are taken at the door. I’ll wait for the screening area to be somewhat clear of other patients before I step inside. If I go any where right now, I’m of course wearing a mask, and I have a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a travel sized pack of WetOnes. Armed and ready! Or as ready as I can be.
Wishing you the best in June!!

Thu, May 14 9:55am · What advances in treatments for Lung Cancer have you had? in Lung Cancer

The science behind all types amazes me more and more as I learn more! I have been to the hospital for scans, labs, and an oncology appointment. I’ve been screened at the door, and always wear a mask. I’ve been lucky that my care has all occurred within just two miles of my house, so I haven’t had to travel.

Thu, May 14 7:18am · What advances in treatments for Lung Cancer have you had? in Lung Cancer

My NSCLC treatment plan has taken me away from the traditional treatments of surgery, chemo, radiation. Having tested positive for the ALK gene mutation, I’ve started an oral targeted therapy which has done wonders for the way I feel each day. While no one wants to hear that they have stage IV lung cancer, so far, I have been fortunate to avoid surgery and the recovery that goes along with that.
The researchers that work with the targeted therapies are making strides and great progress, giving many patients hope, and many good-days.
Exciting news for those with the RET gene mutation, as they now have a targeted therapy option:


Mon, May 4 7:21am · Anyone out there living with stage 4 lung cancer? in Lung Cancer

Hi!, A lot has happened, I’ve found that I’m ALK positive, and started taking oral alectinib on Saturday. I had additional scans done on Friday, and compared to those taken in March, things are progressing. I’ve been hanging in there while the symptoms were progressing too. So, I’m excited to get started with treatment and get things headed in the right direction. Take care!, and have a good week.

Sun, Apr 5 9:56am · Has your Primary Care Provider been helpful? in Lung Cancer

I am being seen at a Mayo Clinic Health System site close to my home. These providers are closely linked with others in the Mayo network, including those in Rochester. I’ve been impressed with their overall team approach. I know I’m fortunate to have such convenient access to this care.