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Thu, Jul 23 9:52am · Timing of Liver Transplant for PSC in Transplants

Do you know what meds he will be on? The most important thing for you to know is that many of the anti rejection drugs can cause birth defects just by handling them. I recommend you get a box of medical gloves just in case. I was on a high dose of prednisone at first and my husband had to manage my drugs because my brain was mush for the first month. We are in our sixties so it wasn’t an issue for us, but I have a standing rule when my kids visit no one touches my meds. One other thing – my husband used a baby monitor to keep track of me while I was resting. Gave him some freedom and a lot of peace of mind. Good luck to both of you!

Thu, Jul 9 7:39pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

@gayle1 hopefully the worst is behind you and you can start enjoying your new lease on life. Was the bile duct problem related to the lack of blood flow? My doctor told me the bulk of the liver gets better from both the hepatic artery and the portal vein, but the bile ducts are only supplied by the hepatic artery.

Wed, Jul 8 9:07pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

Wow. You have really had a tough time. How are you doing now? They have postponed my surgery based on the ultrasound results. I’m praying the splenic artery embolization worked after all once everything had time to settle down.

Wed, Jul 8 8:45am · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

Hi Rosemary! Thank you for checking in! The left side pain resolved when I slowed down a bit, but the imaging revealed a decrease in blood flow through the hepatic artery. They were unable to place a stent, so they embolized one of the splenic arteries in an attempt to force more blood to the liver. It doesn’t appear to have worked, so the transplant team is planning a surgical revision. Despite that, everything else looked great at my 4 month checkup last week. I am so thankful we caught the hepatic artery stenosis before there was significant damage to my new liver. There are times I forget I’m a transplant patient, at least until my alarm goes off reminding me to take my meds. 😉 I have to say it is nice to be off the prednisone! I so appreciate your insights an encouragement. Thank you for the time you spend supporting the transplant community!

Mon, Jun 29 1:49pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

HAHAHA! I thought that was just me! I still freak out if I’m 5 minutes late. Veterans – does that ever go away?

Mon, Jun 1 8:12pm · My son & liver disease in Transplants

I am so sorry. How is he doing? Is he on the transplant list? Is there anything other treatment?

Sun, May 31 1:46pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

Hi! I had my LT the week after yours. I’m feeling about the same. I’ve had pain under/below my ribs on my left side (front and back) that feels like a pulled muscle. They confirmed it wasn’t a hernia. I’ve also had episodes of fast heart rate (185 BPM) which were accompanied by shortness of breath, so I’m keeping an eye on my vitals. The doctor said my heart muscle is fine (my EF is 70, great for a 61year old) and it was probably just that I was deconditioned, which makes sense because I was very sick and very sedentary before the transplant. It has improved over the last few weeks. Hopefully we just need to keep working on our endurance! I feel sooo much better with the new liver I’m impatient to start some aerobic exercises. I’d love to hear your progress!

Thu, May 7 2:09pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Hi – congratulations to your brother! What kind of symptoms is he having? I had side effects from the drugs, notably the high prednisone dose. For awhile I couldn’t finish a sentence, and my husband had to follow me around and turn off the faucet after I washed my hands. It gets better! I’m two months post transplant now and back at work.We always referred back to the ‘transplant bible’ to see if symptoms were a sign of rejection. If not and it didn’t seem serious I reviewed it with the doctor during my clinic visits. I wouldn’t be afraid to contact the transplant coordinators. They’ve been through just about everything with other patients and are a wealth of information. If nothing else, they can put your mind at ease.