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Jul 21, 2011 · Constrictive Pericarditis in Heart & Blood Health

My 68 year old husband was diagnosed with A-Fib on June 15, put on coumadin and following that on June 25, taken to ER with chest pains and SOB (shortness of breath). He was diagnosed with pericarditis but his condition worsened quickly. On July 5th, he arrived at ER with taponade and needed an emergency peracentesis and removed a liter of fluid. A cardiac catherization confirmed constrictive pericarditis and he is now on 1800 mg. of ibupropen and colchicine. His cardiologist wants to give the medicine a chance to work as he feels surgery should be the absolute last resort. He says we need to wait another 8-12 weeks. He continues to have SOB and edema (controlled with Lasix) and is being closely monitored. I welcome comments from others who have or have had constrictive pericarditis. It is certainly not a common condition and if we need surgery, I want him to have the best possible surgeon. Thank you for any comments/suggestions/experiences you can share with us. We live in NH.