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Tue, Mar 17 10:15am · Treatment for NHL: Rituximab & Bendamustine in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi. I had R-CHOP every 3 weeks back in 2015 for very advanced DLBCL, which is a Non-hodkins Lymphoma. Mine had settle pretty much everywhere in my bones, but not touched any organs. I didn't need any radiotherapy, which I was very pleased about. I was 66 at the time. I am now 4.5 years in remission. The only thing that got from my chemo was peripheral neuropathy in both my feet, which has not gone away. For me, it is debilitating, although not painful. It feels like I am earing socks with superglue in them. Weird. Your Oncology nurse will mention peripheral Neuropathy to you, I am sure. Discuss it at length. See what can be done to avoid it. Not all patients get it. Worth talking about it with the doctor as well. Best of luck. Treatments for NHL today is very successful.

Mon, Mar 16 4:54am · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

OMG. I am so glad I found this group. This internal trembling started 12 days ago. It made my BP and heart rate shoot up. I am 71 and in 4.5 years remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and chemo. From the chemotherapy, I got peripheral neuropathy on feet and ankles. I learned to live with that, but now this. When it happened in the middle of the night and I tested my bp which then had shot up to 167/110 and puls 112 I took myself up to the local A and E. I had an ECG which was normal and blood test which showed the TSH not normal. I am going back to the doctor on 18/3/20 to see what this is. The doctors at the hospital had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned these internal tremors, so I then got even more nervous. So it is a vicious circle. I get the tremors when I go to bed which makes it hard to relax and sleep. I can manage during the day, but now I am housebound due to the Coronavirus Covid 19, as all elderly have been told to stay in here in London UK. I go for walks anyway along the river, just not mingling with people, and I have no balance problems. I can not describe how I feel. It is like super fast trembles and it is mainly my torso but sometimes I can feel it in my calves. and sometimes in my scalp. It is a horrific feeling. I feel at a loss. It is obviously the thyroid causing this but my sister had her thyroid removed and she never had these trembles. Could it run in families, as my mother too had bad thyroid issues and had her thyroid removed? But will it ever go away, I ask myself. The trembles sometimes are worse than other times. For me, this is at night. Has anyone got an explanation from any medical professional? I am, they say going to have a mobile ECG, so they can monitor my heart over a 24 hour period. I have had these tremble for about two weeks now. But looking back I think I had a mini tremble just once about 7-9 months ago. It never was bad and I took it as an anxiety thing. I am an anxious person anyway, so I have to meditate and breathe deeply several times a day. Any comments are welcome.