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Sat, Apr 18 6:43pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I SO understand the aging thing right now. At 69, I feel like my purpose in life is garnering a paycheck. Was getting really depressed and then started volunteering at our little local food bank. BEST thing I have done is quite some time. Despite the fact that my work schedule right now does not allow me to be consistent, doing for others, ESPECIALLY during this pandemic has helped ME far more than helping those in need. I got switched to graveyard at work so not able to participate right now, but know it is a temporary situation and check in with those that are on those front lines, so still feel "attached" to it and know it will not be too long (God willing) before my schedule changes back) and I can get back to it. I did not expect it to affect me as much as it did. Don't know if you can find a volunteer position to try , but it really helped me. good luck and I so get how this aging thing can screw with our heads and hearts.

Sat, Apr 18 6:36pm · Taking our minds off things, what are you watching?? in Depression & Anxiety

I have found that doing a bit of gardening, getting a bit physically tired has helped me quite a bit…at night, I usually put on some series that I can find streaming as a distration….

Sat, Apr 18 6:34pm · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

I was doing the same thing for a bit but then my work schedule changed and I am on graveyard now….being SO tired has helped me " let go" of the news. I am fortunate that I still have a job, but fatigue has been a friend.

Mon, Mar 23 1:59pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

For the first time in my life I received sick pay to stay home for 2 weeks. I RARELY get more than a week off for any reason so I actually am enjoying the time to work on little projects, spend time with my husband and my dog. At my age, I just refuse to panic, but am being mindful of the social distancing when outside. I live in a mobile home community, mostly with seniors, so we chat from a distance while walking through the park. I really feel sorry for so many who are challenged by the isolation. I only had to make 2 trips for groceries due to panic buying but once those were done, have been able to stay home knowing that we can get by for a good 3 to 4 weeks if need be without having to grocery shop again. And I rarely cook while working so playing with recipes I have found on Pinterest and ideas for organizing as well. Our community looks out for each other, the manager drives through daily to make sure all are ikay. I am really very lucky so far.

Fri, Mar 20 5:29pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

Well then. I am truly blessed as my company sent me a check in a matter of a few days which SO helped relieve my stress level this week. And, I had the opportunity, since I am home, to help my little community via our local food bank yesterday, mindful of the 6 foot rule, gloves and mask while I was assisting bagging up groceries. The normal amount given weekley is about 50 – 55. Yesterday it was 88…and the influx can only be due to folks not being able to work, seniors who cannot and should not go out. It gave me more than I gave them. I am going to try, after this nonsense is over, to do this on a weekly basis. To see so many on our little island struggling and to see the generosity of our grocery stores, the members of our little local church caring so much lifted my spirits. I cannot thank all here enough for the wise advice, care and compassion. I truly do not think I would have gotten through such a rough spot without all of you. May the Universe shine on all of you here. I feel better than I have in months.

Tue, Mar 17 9:55pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

Hello. It has been a challenging week just like for everyone else. I do not want to whine when so many are affected. Because of my age I am "mandated" to stay home. My company has not yet offered sick pay to part time employees and had to cancel both my husband's eye surgery and my only trip for the year with my sisters. Needless to say have been pretty frustrated with life but SO many are SO worse off that complaining is just not acceptable to me in my case. I do not know if our store is going to close and was just told by management we are on reduced hours and a day by day existence. I am hoping my company will give us sick leave. Life is just stupid.

Thu, Mar 12 1:58pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

I KNOW fortunate I am compared to most of the world. I have a safe place to live,a job, and 3 wonderful sisters. I did try to find a therapist but everyone that my insurance would pay for was not taking medicare patients and I cannot afford the cost any other way. Talking with a priest or minister is probably not the best idea for someone who is against organized religion. I did not find any religion that satisfied me, but I do pray every day on the way to work. My commute can be challenging and sometimes it takes an hour and a half to just go 38 miles, so that is how I use my time many days. I figure it cannot hurt to ask for some kind of sign that I need to stay, other than the ones I mentioned already. I am so tired after 12 hour days that I do not have much left when I get home and a day off here and there is always spent getting necessaries done. Again, thank you for this place and all the kindness here.

Thu, Mar 12 12:53pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

I actually started a book about my experiences several years ago, but decided what I did was not that important. It was a passion for me, but not everyone would see it that way and I just really feel what I did was nothing special…expect to me….my time with horses was the only passion I had, but reality sneaks in and it just was no longer fair to me to risk a horse's safety if I got caught by a sudden pain and could not react quickly enough to "save" a horse that was in trouble. If you did not do horses, this is hard to understand so I do not expect one to be able to know that it often could be life or death for both horse and rider when they hit a hard spot in their learning curve. I do not know how else to explain it. But all of us in the industry know that at some point we have to "hang up our spurs" as the saying goes.

And my Mother was in the throes of ALZ and it was my turn to start helping with her care. She helped me so much throughout my life. So spent a little over three years caring for her with my sisters before we knew she needed a residential situation as we were not professionals and she got to the point that she needed that level of care.

So here we are….life is what it is…wish I had more enthusiasm but have not been able to muster it just yet. and I get scared when my mind goes to dark places, hence being here is a blessing from all of you who listen.

Thank you.