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Jul 26, 2011 · Adult ADHD in Mental Health

I wasn’t diagnosed until three years ago when i went back to school that i have adhd but i also have bipolar disorder and ptsd on top of it but with the combination of meds i am on now it has really helped get it under control. my suggestion is do some of your own research on it. often times adults that get diagnosed have had it there whole life but it was mis-diagnosed.

Jul 26, 2011 · My child is 5 and has ADHD and ODD - suggestions? I need help! in About Kids & Teens

My daughter is the same age and i have been going through the same things. one thing my daughters therapist told me i could do is a chip system (rewards system) every time i see her doing something good then i praise her but instead of using good girl or bad girl she said to describe what they did and you choose how many chips they get ( ie: poker chips) then you put them in a jar and she can save them up. then you have a board that has different things on it that she can get when she cashes in her chips like 15 more mins of play time or something like that. another thing was if i ask her to pick up her toys and she doesnt then i should ask her “you can either pick up your toys or go to time out” if they choose time out then do it for a few minutes and when they get out u give them the option again either pick up the toys or have another time out. i am just starting this with my little girl and it seems to be helping. one thing is though we started with three important rules first to get her used to the system there is absolutley no being violent twards others. that is grounds for automatic time out but the other rule is she can get a warning the first time and then do time out. its hard for me because i suffer from adhd as well and when you have a child with a disibility and you have one it is really hard. i hope that helps good luck