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Tue, Mar 3 6:24pm · I have had a scab in my left nostril for years. in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I was put on Antibiotics and a nasal cream. After about 2 weeks I went into the ENT for another checkup. I got the all clear that my nose has healed up well. I'm still healing from the small area where the cauterization happened. And there is visible scarring from where I've been having this issue for so many years. It may well have been the antibiotics that finally cleared up the blood spotting and scabbing. I still have some light buildup on my nose, but not like it was before. Overall my nose is much more comfortable. I've been using my humidifier every single night set to 55% humidity. My nose hasn't flt this good and I haven't breathed this well in a long time. My mucus generally doesn't have blood spots like I've been accustomed to over the years.

Time will tell if this was purely a bacteria infection. Or a combination of bacteria and dry air. Either way, I feel like I have a better handle on keeping a healthy nose.

Sat, Feb 22 9:59am · I have had a scab in my left nostril for years. in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I'm a 39yr old male. I've been struggling with the scab in the right nostril for at least a year. That same area began about 3 years ago with nosebleeds. The nosebloods stopped after I quit messing with the area. I've struggled with joint pain in my right hip since I was 27. And both shoulders around age 37. Both happened during an event (stretching legs, doing pushups) and haven't healed since. I also noticed Wegener’s/GPA includes both joint pain and nose scabs. The scab doesn't really hurt, even if I remove it. Though the area is sensitive to air after removing the scab (which quickly reforms..probably overnight). The area surrounding the scab is red and inflamed, not pink like the left nostril.

I've seen 2 doctors. I just visited an ENT. He cauterized a blood vessel in my nose. I've been having headaches for a long time and I suspect they are caused by the goings on in my nose. It's been a day since I was cauterized and I feel like the headache has been relieved…at least in this short term.

The ENT informed me I have a deviated septum. The scab forms in the nostril w/ good air flow. I'm using AYR saline and gel throughout the day. I also started running a humidifier at night. And breathe right strips at bedtime. I have a prescription (don't know the medication names yet) that should be ready today too.

I'm going back to the ENT in 2 weeks to see if the area has finally healed. If not then it's probably going to be a biopsy and/or camera in the nose.