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Fri, Jun 5 11:41am · What does it take to moving from low self-esteem - to self acceptance in Depression & Anxiety

God Bless and keep you… You sound so positive, Celia

Fri, Jun 5 11:30am · Secondary adrenal insufficiency in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I was also told not to do any vigorous exercise, just stretching.

Fri, Jun 5 11:30am · Secondary adrenal insufficiency in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I was dx with SAI about one year ago, but they (Dr’s) have been warning me for years to expect this, as it will get here. It did! It is very hard to get any info because most just don’t know. I received the best info on the National S A I. I found this on Facebook of all places. Go to Facebook / Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency request being a member, you will answer simple questions. And you will be notified. They are strict rules you will have to follow, but they are simple to follow. Just common sense.
Sincerely, Cecilia Schermaul

Sun, May 17 6:09am · Secondary adrenal insufficiency in Diabetes/Endocrine System

This site is wonderful for medical advice and genuine help. There is another site on Facebook called Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency, it’s wonderful to message others just like you.

Sun, May 17 5:56am · Secondary adrenal insufficiency in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have SAI and was told not to exercise hard it can bring on a crisis. I know I had awful chest pain and rapid heart beat which landed me in the hospital, they stopped my hydrocortisone and started a prednisone. They now have me on a medicine to stop the Afib… What I hate is….. No one talks about the whys and where fors. Did the hydrocortisone cause it? Did the SAI cause it… Do I really need this medication if the hydrocortisone caused it… yicks why do they do that!

Sun, May 10 1:13pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes - AFib; Tachycardia, High Blood Pressure in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The Dr. He Wonders if I really have it because I am not that sick with it, I think He gives us what we can stand. I have been dealing with Pituitary and of course woman's problems since I was young and just married. I am now 81 still dealing with a period daily. They (DR’s) keep telling me something is wrong… Go figure… I keep on with God and family?
Sincerely, Celia

Sun, May 10 1:04pm · Secondary adrenal insufficiency in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hello @rckj please don't be afraid to talk to us or anyone my dear. I am new with SAI just one year. I always felt bad because I don’t have the problems most of us have, is it because I am older? I have gained weight, from size ten to 16. Bad for me but, I will deal with it! What I get is awful muscle and tendon pain, everything pulls at once.
I try not to complain too much because I know it is nothing compared to others. Hang in there my dear .
Blessings sent, Celia