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Thu, Feb 13 7:58am · Bronchiectasis: Understanding symptoms in MAC & Bronchiectasis

My doctors have me nebulizing ipratropium bromide and levabuterol is this not good for bronchiathesis? I have been sick for months, I never really coughed a lot until recently. But my lungs hurt a lot , and recently I can’t get better. But it’s always a dry cough. No mucus ever comes up except a time but, and I don’t even feel like there is mucus there. This is my first time researching bronchiathesis and I’m in shock, and can’t quit crying. I don’t understand it and I’m scared to death. Has anyone had any success in quality life? I seem to be sick every seven days , now my doctor wants to treat it with no antibiotics, just let me cough. He has given me a inhaler Flovent.
Sincerely, don’t know if my dr even knows how to treat this.

Thu, Feb 13 7:49am · Bronchiectasis: Understanding symptoms in MAC & Bronchiectasis

What does NTM mean please

Thu, Feb 13 7:47am · Bronchiectasis: Understanding symptoms in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I have never spit up blood, or I don’t even spit up much mucus, but they tell me I have bronchiathesis. I get sick about every seven days, have been on antibiotics it’s like for months. I get a dry cough mostly, I got cdiff from to many antibiotics so they are careful with that. But, I wondered what kind of antibiotics the used on you ten days a month? They are now telling me they are going to stop treating me with antibiotics altogether which scares me to death. My life is non exsistent, I am frustrated and so sick of being sick. I don’t get to do family things anymore, because I’m always sick. I’m 60 and I just want this to end. Any help you can offer would be great.i just don’t understand why I never spit up mucus maybe it’s time to go back to mayo.