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Sun, May 17 3:19pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Hi cwallen9,
Your post is very timely, regarding the ReBuilder device that you purchased to no avail. I was going to purchase one in the next few weeks , but after seeing your post I am reluctant. I had a 1 hour phone consult with a Chiropractor who inadvertently mentioned ReBuilder in discussion as part of his treatment plan along with some RLT device. He claims to have treated hundreds of successful SFN patients from a Walker to Walking condition using this treatment stressing the devices 7.82 mg low power to stimulate the nerves in my numbed foot. What specifically was your treatment, foot bath or dry application ? 2X daily with a 6 hour interval recommended procedure ? The foot bath unit is 800.00 with a 90 day warranty, what are your thoughts ?

Wed, Feb 19 3:25pm · Statins and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Sorry, my response inadvertently sent , I wasn't finished. My PN / Spinal Stenosis were detected in 2013 while I was taking Statins from the Cardiologist. After complaining about muscular pains , my PCP advised Red Yeast Rice to lower my LDL cholesterol which it did, was 110 now 90 and so did effects. Cardio seems ok with LDL @ 90 and continue Red Yeast. Hope this clarifies my experience.

Wed, Feb 19 3:06pm · Statins and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hi Lisa, Various Statin drugs were prescribed after a non-heart attack ( 2007 ) but an 85 % blockage required 2 stents in the LCA.

Mon, Feb 17 4:34pm · Want to walk freely again in Neuropathy

Thanks Robin for your kind words. I guess I'm hoping there is miracle out there to disappear my pain. If not, I have to accept and life continues. Keep the Faith !

Mon, Feb 17 11:22am · Want to walk freely again in Neuropathy

Thank you John, I will look into the links you provided . Also enjoy reading your in depth insights of the pained members.

Mon, Feb 17 10:52am · Statins and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

After several unsuccessful Statin prescriptions, my PCP suggested Red Yeast Rice 600mg capsules which I purchased at Sam's Club.

My LDL cholesterol was reduced from 110 to 90 after 30 days and I continue taking it until I achieve a 70 LDL reading.
Having 2 stents in the LCA is reason for the lower goal.

Sun, Feb 16 6:25pm · Want to walk freely again in Neuropathy

Good morning, my first post in Living with Neuropathy as I have Periferal Neuropathy for the past 7 years as indicated by various nerve studies. I am 87 yrs.old male and in severe pain. I require a Walker or rollator as I can't sustain a balanced gait. The pain is 10+ when I stand for 2-3 minutes and must sit downimmediately. When sitting on a hard chair.. rising is very painful in the lower spine and difficult to stand due to balance problems as my right foot is numb. I also have excruciating pain in the right shin that it freezes my movement until I pause then resume. I had treatments at a pain clinic where I received 12 epidurals and prescribed painkillers from hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine sulphate, all to no avail…I still have pain ! Currently I am medication free. I've had several PT sessions including hydrotherapy without success .
All I want to do is walk freely, no more walkers and rollator's.