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Thu, Feb 20 7:48pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Amen and Amen. Let’s Praise The Lord through it all!! The Same power that Rose JESUS from the grave lives in us!! The enemy has been defeated and death could not hold
Hold JESUS down!! Let’s pray we sleep well
Tonight in Jesus.🙏

Thu, Feb 20 5:39pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Be extremely careful, some of the meds lower sodium!! January 2019 I had a nine day hospital
Stay because of critical low sodium I almost died. So, if you Watch salt already because of joint pain. Just Be aware. I PRAY no one has to experience What I went through last year. I still have Flashbacks to that time in my life!!
Blessings of comfort to you🙏

Thu, Feb 20 5:25pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Praise Jesus through our pain!! It’s the only way we can get through. Maybe soon JESUS will step out in the Eastern Sky and call His Children us Fellow Believers home to Heaven
To the PAIN FREE ZONE🙏♥️ See you by The
River of Life! Be Healthy Be Safe😊

Thu, Feb 20 5:20pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Oh my Goodness Robin Thank You!!!
It means so much to me that you responded
To my Faith!! Yes!!!! What I keep holding onto is that God has me here for His Glory even through the pain and Thank God He sent us a Savior Jesus Christ is Lord!!
It’s going to be a glorious day when all us
Fellow Belivers get to THE PAIN FREE ZONE!!!
In our Heavenly Home with Him🙏 I will
See you by the river of life!!! Hope you are well
And comfortable with better days ahead!
Blessings upon you today, tomorrow and always🙏♥️

Thu, Feb 20 5:11pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I wonder if Laura’s neurologist did a punch biopsy to diagnosis small fiber biopsy!
That is how I got my diagnosis made.
Now awaiting neurologist appointment made six months ago. Did you have autonomic testing done?

Thu, Feb 20 9:02am · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Thank you so very much for sharing your story with
Me. It’s was kind of you to take the time. My pain
Drags me down so bad some mornings it takes so much effort to get out of my bed because once I start walking the pain will intensify. You are so right it’s difficult to get doctors to listen and understand our pain. The only thing that keeps me going is I have JESUS and am a Christian and I know He will get me through this world and take me to my Heavenly Home with Him One day where there will be no more pain, no sadness, no tears. Thank God He gave us a Savior JESUS Christ Our Lord!! I am so sorry about your pain I give you my empathy and understanding. I pray peace, pain relief and better days over you in Jesus Name🙏

Wed, Feb 19 1:18pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Have you have autonomic testing? I have had a mitral value prolapse for years with tachycardia take beta blocker med to slow it down. My A1C Has been in normal range.
Going to see a neurologist March 10th after waiting five months for appt!! Primary care no help. Feet burning, tingling, walking on fire numb, traveling up lower legs, positive skin
Biopsy last August for small fiber neuropathy.
Calcium elevated on no calcium supplements.
Constant battle to know what to eat. Sodium
Stays low. In Hospital for low sodium nine days
Jan 2019 was critical almost did not survive.
I am constantly struggling with nerve pain
Symptoms. Thank God for Jesus!!

Sun, Feb 16 8:58pm · Just Diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I have had diagnosis of fibromyalgia since 2003.
Lots of other health diagnoses with chronic pain.
Last January both of my feet began to go numb with nerve pain after a nine day hospital stay with critical low sodium. Rheumatoid arthritis doctor sent me for punch biopsy of both feet. My lab
Pathology returned a diagnosis of small fiber
Polyneuropathy. My small nerves in both feet are dying as it also travels up both legs. In research I read it can affect the autonomic nervous system. I have all the symptoms heart arrhythmia’s, sluggish bowel,Retention post urine ect. Awaiting an appointment that I made 4 months ago to see
A neurologist that has a reputation for helping
With symptoms of problems that have not been
Researched or known a lot about. In my research
It saids the underlying problem is what causes
The symptoms. I am desperately trying to have
A doctor diagnosis my problem so maybe I can get pain relief and understand more. Does anyone else on site have these symptoms or have had a punch biopsy with this diagnosis?
How are you coping? I Am very interested in your
Case and opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read.