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Wed, Mar 11 1:04pm · Seeking recommendations for a uro-gynecologist or urologist in Kidney & Bladder

All you have to do is to self refer, telling them everything that is going on with you and tell them that you want to to find out all of the conditions you face and how to maximize your quality of life.

Tell the same thing to the Internist.

Mayo set me up with the Internist and two other specialists right to start with. The Internist had many tests ordered and scheduled me with several other specialists. If needed the specialists scheduled other testing. The last specialist I saw before the Pain and Rehabilitation Program was the pain specialist.

When you self refer, if you tell them only one diagnosis, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mayo doctors may refuse to see you. When my family doctor referred me for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mayo wouldn't see me, saying that they don't treat that. But it is covered in the Pain and Rehabilitation Program's treatment with Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitization.

Have a great day!

Wed, Mar 11 11:33am · Seeking recommendations for a uro-gynecologist or urologist in Kidney & Bladder

I went to the Internist and asked her to find all the things I was dealing with and tell me how to best increase my quality of life. She sent me for testing and several specialist.

The rheumatologist diagnosed my Central Sensitization with Fibromyalgia.

A Pain Specialist diagnosed Chronic Pain Syndrome and referred me to the Pain and Rehabilitation Program.

At the program itself, a doctor spoke to me at intake, I had paper and computerized tests, met with nurse that managed my meds, had urine analysis, met with OT AND PT as far as I can remember.

Daily I Dr. Sletten gave instruction related to Central Sensitization; I participated in balance, flexibility, strength building, and cardio exercises, and I had OT.

Every 3 days I met with the team, representatives from all of the doctors, therapists and nurses, to check on my progress.

I had biofeedback, nutrition, and pain distraction sessions as well.

15 days packed with information and strategies improving my quality of life.

A Psychologist, Nurses, OTs, PTs are the main leaders in the PRP.

The other specialists and testing the Internist sent me to before the Pain and Rehabilitation Program.

Wed, Mar 11 11:04am · Can you go to Mayo Clinic in Chronic Pain

I am 53 and live a little over 1 hour north west of you.

Yes you can go to Mayo.

I self referred naming all of the body systems that I had challenges with and what the challenges were. I asked them to put me through a fine tooth comb and tell me everything that I was dealing with and how to best increase my quality of life.

I was diagnosed with Central Sensitization with Fibromyalgia. The Pain and Rehabilitation Program is a lifesaver.

I am returning in July for the 10 day HABIT program.

Have a wonderful day!

Tue, Mar 10 8:36pm · Feeling very sick, is it Fibromyalgia flare or something else? in Chronic Pain

Mayo's Pain and Rehabilitation Program can help.

The leg situation could also be restless leg syndrome, Neuropathy or Central Sensitization. Others I am unfamiliar with.

Wed, Feb 12 5:58pm · New to this group. Considering Jacksonville, FL location in Chronic Pain

If you want to search the responses from HealingOne, I have posted quite a bit on Jacksonville Mayo Clinic.

I graduated from their three week Pain and Rehabilitation Program.

I extremely recommend it.

Have a great day!

Wed, Feb 12 3:31pm · What is HABIT Healthy Action to Benefit Independence & Thinking®? in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Are there resources for ones that do not have a partner or cannot attend the 10 day program?

Tue, Feb 11 6:00pm · Need help! Depression and anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Yes. If the US had a C-PTSD diagnosis, I would have it. I have had lifelong challenges.