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Thu, Feb 6 9:34am · Internal Pain - Doctors unable to Diagnose in Chronic Pain

My comments below is mainly for Jewel2019 comments above. Everything you have described I have also have and I have gone to many doctors, one doctor just sends me to another doctors. The main difference between you and I is I am a male and I am 76 years old. This has started with me about Sept. 2019 and still continues today. The last doctor I had says that I have levator spasm, levator syndrome, and puborectalis syndrome, mainly levator spasm, levator syndrome. What they recommended for me is Epidural Injections in my lower back for a series of three times. I had the first one about two weeks ago and the pain is still there. I am supposed to have the second series of injections in a week. They say you can only have these injections 3 times in a 6 month period.. The only relief I get is when I lay down. Also, when I put a heating pad on my butt near the rectum it seems to help. Other then that it hurts all the time. I thought I would share with you how I am handling my situation, however everything that I do doesn’t seem to stop the pain all together. If you have tried something other then what I have mentioned and it’s helping you please let me know. Thanks, Stephen