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Tue, Jan 28 9:34am · Baker's Cyst in Just Want to Talk

My daughter was diagnosed at a young age (12 y/o) with a Baker Cyst behind her kneecap. (at 3 years old she was diagnosed with Growing Pains with the same exact symptoms… Ridiculous!) From the age of 3 she would wake up, screaming in pain because her leg hurt. It would tear my heart out! She was given Benadryl. When we found out it was a cyst we were told to give her Aleve and let her sleep. There was no conversation about surgery. The Aleve did in fact help her, as long as she had a heating pad on her knee also. She is now 27 and her knee hardly ever hurts her anymore.

Mon, Jan 27 9:21am · Have you tried to quit smoking while undergoing treatment? in Cancer

I last smoked January 2, 2020, the morning of my lobectomy. I am taking Chantix twice a day. The urge to smoke has been intense at times – at other times it's easy to shrug off. When it gets intense I get a spearmint flavored mint and it helps. I also do mind tricks on myself (similar to biofeedback) where I imagine things, daydream or talk myself out of the cigarette. I applaud everyone that has quit cold turkey!! For those of us who don't do so well with that, I would enjoy reading on how you've done it/are doing it!

Mon, Jan 27 9:08am · Cancer death rate posts biggest one-year drop ever in Lung Cancer

Hi Merry! I just had lobectomy Jan. 2, 2020 after being diagnosed in November 2019. I was referred to oncologist where my appointment is scheduled for mid February. No treatment yet, but I would love to see comments of how people are coping and what treatment plan they have. My diagnosis is NSCSC (upper left lobe), stage 2b. (I'm a newbie to the site, but reading every thread I can!)