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Fri, Feb 7 9:56pm · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

The reason why CBD oil is more preferable over prescription drugs is because it doesn't have all of the side effects (drowsiness, disoriented, possible nausea, ect). The point of both of them is to help you calm down and function more regularly. CBD depending on how much you take can last longer than medication, and doesn't have side effects (but it does taste like dirt). Essentially, CBD is preferred because it doesn't disorient your mind, and sets you up to function as a human and be more relaxed instead of anxious. With CBD oil, it isn't "instantaneous" like medication, it's something that develops over a period of time. One recommendation is to try THC in combination with CBD for energy. At low levels (5-10 mg) the effects are not debilitating for most people. There are a lot of studies that show synergy with CBD and THC, so you can experiment with ratios of CBD/THC. I've tried CBD alone and with THC and prefer the two together. To me CBD was sedating. You can make your own edibles if you don't want to smoke and pre-made ones are too expensive. I got med card https://dr-weedy.com/medical-marijuana-card-san-diego/ so I tried tons of different products.

Tue, Jan 28 12:04pm · Meditation for anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

From my experience using meditation to address anxiety, initially meditation might actually worsen your anxiety because it makes you more acutely aware of it. However, becoming more aware of it and learning to understand why you feel anxious is the only way, as far as I can tell, to really rid yourself of your anxiety. Trying to ignore anxiety didn't work at all for me; my anxiety would just start coming out in unexpected ways.

In the long run, meditation has helped me greatly reduce my anxiety as well as my anger issues. It's well worth it just be aware it's not a panacea; you have to work for it and most importantly have patience with yourself (it's invaluable and I'm personally awful at it.)