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Tue, Mar 31 10:45pm · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Yes, Dr. Tennant retired in 2018, but he is still helping us. Contact him. He does not do a phone consult, but rather writes you a letter with his findings. You send a Donation to his Foundation, after you get your diagnosis.

Tue, Mar 31 10:35pm · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

I was repeatedly told that I did not have AA, too. Once you get your CD with MRI Lower Lumbar images to Dr. Tennant, you will find out, otherwise. Good luck and follow my advice, above, so you won't feel alone in this, msaliceinpain.

Tue, Mar 31 10:32pm · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Please join the Facebook Group, "Arachnoiditis: Together We Fight". Then you will need to get an MRI of your Lower Lumbar with/without contrast. Then have a copy of that CD, mailed to: Dr. Forest Tennant, Tennant Foundation, 334-338 Glendora Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790-3043. He will take a look at your images, and give you his diagnosis of your condition. Like you, I had an ESI injection in L5-S1 that went horribly wrong, and it caused my AA. I have been suffering in ecruciating pain for more than 19-months, now, and just got my diagnosis, from Dr. Tennant, tonight. Please join this FB Group, listed above. You will learn so much and will have access to a lot of information. Go to: arachnoiditishope.com and print out the most important information for AA Sufferers, that Dr. Tennant has researched for us. I live in VA., and there are just 1-2 dr.'s, in this state, who know anything about AA. Print out those AA Handbooks, and take them to your dr. appts., as you will need to educate your PCP. PM Doc, and any other spine doctors. It's quite a painful journey, but once you get started on the Dr. Tennant's Treatment Plan, you will begin to get better and feel so much better.

Sat, Jan 25 1:07pm · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Do NOT allow them to implant a SCS in your spine. it will only makes more pain, in areas where you never had pain. It is a SCAM. Say "No" to it. there are FB Groups for Failed Spinal Cord Stimulators, and you should check them out. Try making a solution of "Sea Salt and Water" and that will STOP your muscle spasms. within TWO minutes. Over the Counter Magnesium Tablets will also help you, but is slower to react. You may have to tale 2-3 tablets, at a time, to stop the cramps–400 mg. NO SCS.