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Thu, Jan 23 2:50pm · Pain in old gallbladder surgery site in Digestive Health

It has been 7 years since my gall bladder surgery. Right under one of the incisions (lapriscopic) on my side I get horrible cramping when the muscle is strained in a certain position. When in a "crunch" position such as sitting on my office chair and having to bend down to pick up something that fell under my chair. Any kind of strain that would go beyond a regular situp for any sustained amount of time it feels like the muscles on that side, the closest muscle group name I could put a name to is the one in the title of this post, are twisting inside my body. The only relief I have once the flipping and twisting feeling has started (which is accompanied with extreme pain) is to straighten out as far as possible and stretch that muscle to the utmost, and even then, once the cramp has subsided, the muscle remains sore for days afterwards. I have spoken to my nurse practitioner (I am in the Canadian Military, we dont have regular doctors like they do in civi land. We dont have family doctors, we have nurses and then if you are deemed sick enough, you get to see a Medical Officer) about it and she thinks it is just scar tissue that attached to the muscle from the wall of the scar and there is nothing to do about it. I cant imagine living the rest of my life the way I have the last few years, terrified if I have to pick anything up, go to the bathroom, or have an orgasm (Yes, its happened then too, which adds yet another component of fear to it) that I'll be in crippling pain. Any help, or anyone who might be experiencing the same thing who might have some idea's would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.