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Sun, Jan 19 11:06am · Neobladder Replacement vs. Stoma in Kidney & Bladder

I believe it is the cleanliness and quality of life. When he was diagnosed with cancer 19 years ago, the doctor gave him 1 option, a stoma. He met with over 20 doctors before he found one that would give him a neo bladder. Now the neo bladder is worn out and he does not have intestine to make another. He has surgery at the end of this month so they can do a biopsy on the tumors in the neo bladder.

Sat, Jan 18 1:53pm · Neobladder Replacement vs. Stoma in Kidney & Bladder

My father had his bladder replaced with a neo bladder 19 years ago. His doctor recently found tumors inside his neo bladder and the walls are too thin to use the neo bladder anymore. The only option he was given was to remove the neo bladder and put in a stoma, my father is a bit of neat freak and refuses to have a stoma even if it costs him his life. Are there any other options after you already a neo bladder and out lived it?