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Mon, Jan 20 9:25am · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Thanks so much for your reply and suggestion! We are not only looking for the cause of the sudden peripheral neuropathy but also ideas on ways to address it! I really appreciate your taking the time to respond!

Tue, Jan 14 12:04pm · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

I’m not suggesting Shingrex causes a viral infection. I am wondering if Shingrix can trigger an autoimmune response and that elevated autoimmune response can cause peripheral neuropathy. The correlation of this onset of my husband’s peripheral neuropathy with his receiving this vaccine regimen is what is concerning. I am curious about the post-marketing adverse events associated with Shingrex.

Mon, Jan 13 11:59pm · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Jim- I just read your post to my 65 year old husband who also is not diabetic and has developed peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. Just tonight, I was researching other causes and when I saw virus infections like that which causes shingles, I immediately lined up his Shingrix vaccines to his new onset peripheral neuropathy. We agree that the timing is indeed suspect…have you had any improvement since you posted your comments?

Mon, Jan 13 11:46pm · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

My husband has developed peripheral neuropathy affecting his feet in the last half year, and when I looked up possible causes outside of diabetes (since he is not diabetic and quite healthy with a very healthy lifestyle), I saw infectious causes including viruses like the one which causes shingles. That piece of information immediately made me line up my husband’s receiving the 2-vaccine Shingrix vaccine series with the onset of his peripheral neuropathy…tingling in his feet after the first one and now after the second one the symptoms of numbness and tingling have worsened. How is your neuropathy now? Has it lessened with the passage of time or are you having to manage it with prescriptions or therapies?