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Sat, Jan 4 3:09am
After trying invasive medication for over a decade my family decided that even though the pain was severe meds aren't not the answer every time.

Sat, Jan 4 2:55am
It feels good to finally get all the things inside me out where I know I'm not the only person out there. Hopefully I can help anyone and inform them even though their pain is probably a past 10 level. I have learned so much less invasive ways to help other than pain meds which makes you numb and not enjoy life.

Sat, Jan 4 2:40am
My spouse is a 100 percent disabled veteran In tremendous amount of pain all the way through his spine lower and upper at times he can't walk not including his horrible PTSD. Also my daughter has a 37 degree angle and her spine from scoliosis. So pain is what I've been dealing with for over 14 years. We've been through all kinds of heavy medication and now we are looking more towards natural medication which has helped and I hope to help other people learn learn those ways. and in the process maybe find someone like me who goes through what I go through with veterans today.

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