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Fri, Jan 3 3:07am · Stiff Person Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Hi.. my husband has Stiff Person syndrome.. diagnosed about 2 yrs ago.. he had been having problems swallowing and charlie-horse type spasms mostly in is neck and over his rib cage… he has the raised GAD, was confirmed… also.. in checking out the spasms/chocking on food, they did MRI that accidentally discovered a brain tumor just behind and between his eyes (size of golf ball), meningioma non cancerous.. had that removed successfully in April of 2018.. He is on valium and gabapentin.. Some days are good and some days are bad.. I was wondering if stiff-person syndrome is related to some other brain disorders.. I know that ALS, alzheimers, parkinsons are nerve degenerative disorders and treatment with L-serine is now under clinical tests that look very promising… Does anyone know if this could help stiff person?