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Fri, Sep 11 9:06pm · Anyone else dealing with shingles? in Autoimmune Diseases

I was just trying to point out that everyone should do some research but if no one wants to that is fine by me! Glad your husband had no problems. I didn't have any problems with the old shingles vaccine, the one with the live virus but the new one was quite a different story

Thu, Sep 10 6:55pm · Anyone else dealing with shingles? in Autoimmune Diseases

that was dentist. It was not me. I checked reviews on 02/13/ and on 02/15/20 I am sure more reviews has been added since those dates. If you want I saved the links to the reviews document form and pdf form. I can give you the direct link to start to read the reviews. Those reviews are from one site only and if you google reviews of the Shingrix vaccine you probably will come up with more reviews from other places. I don't make up symptoms, had many, many, tests done from a neurologist and a therapist that I had to go to. All I am telling you is do your research and then "you" decide what is best for you! Mine was a very bad experience and now I won't be taking any new vaccines especially the rushed Covid-19 when it becomes available.

Thu, Sep 10 5:16pm · Anyone else dealing with shingles? in Autoimmune Diseases

I had the Shingrix vaccine November 2019 and had the weirdest symptoms for 4 months, and I should have done my research but didn't. I had to go to therapy as it affected my balance, my legs, then burning in my body, and wound up with Panic attacks that did not go away. One of my doctors listened to me and did his own research and finally decided I had a severe reaction to that vaccine, so I won't take another vaccine again. That is just my decision. I had shingles back in the 80's and they gave me no medicine, etc. When the original vaccine came out with the live vaccine I had not problems. The Shingrix was awful for me. Do your research and then decide if you want to try it.

Thu, Aug 20 4:55am · Cataract Surgery: What to expect after surgery in Eye Conditions

It's been over 1 week and still blurry, but will wait to see what doctor says on next appointment. My other eye that will be done in September I have floaters. What confused me was the doctor asked how I wanted to see, far away, close up, or medium. I didn't know what to say since I didn't know they asked that question so I just said medium. When done and hubby picked me up I asked him when he had that if they asked that question and he said no, but he had his surgery years, and years ago.

Mon, Aug 17 5:06am · Cataract Surgery: What to expect after surgery in Eye Conditions

She didn't tell me to reach overhead, told me not to bend, but I forget. Also not to lift over 20 lbs. but my hubby has COPD and can't breathe even with oxygen so I try not to carry heavy bags of groceries but don't know the weight of them.

Mon, Aug 17 5:04am · Cataract Surgery: What to expect after surgery in Eye Conditions

I goofed three times touching my eyes, but didn't rub them hard. I also forget and bend when I'm not supposed to. I do weights at the Y, plus 33 minutes on treadmill at 3.6l I alternate weights each day. Do weights for my legs one day, then arms the next day. It will be one week on Wednesday so will start back.
Also I haven't been doing my therapy exercises at night. Will start that on Wednesday. Not sure if I should lower the weights for the first week. Depending on which weights and exercise I choose, I use different weights. What do you think. I don't do high weights. From 25 lbs. depending on what exercise to 50 lbs. Can't do more. I do lower exercise on my legs since I hurt myself at the Y, a couple years ago. I stopped using the patch last night. So it has been less than 1 week.

Mon, Aug 17 4:57am · Cataract Surgery: What to expect after surgery in Eye Conditions

I haven't a clue if I got an expensive lens. She didn't mention prices or if there was more than one type of lens.