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Oct 21, 2016 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Dear Connielaine: I got burning mouth syndrome the last time after I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, (I had had BMS off and on for a few weeks at a time several times ever since I was in my 20’s (I’m 64 now), but it always went away “on its own”. I don’t know whether this time the thyroid had anything to do with it.) This time (this was six years ago) the BMS lasted over a month, so I decided to do something about it. My doctors and dentist had no solutions, so I looked on the internet and found that there was some scientific evidence that 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid a day relieved the BMS symptoms to some degree. (There is also something out there called Alpha Linolenic Acid, also abbreviated ALA, which is DIFFERENT from Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is the one you want, if you chose to take it.) So I bought a 4 month supply (it’s not prescription, but a dietary supplement) of Alpha Lipoic Acid, and began taking it. After a month of taking it religiously 600 mg a day, my burning mouth symptoms had gone. In the six years since, they haven’t returned. Whether Alpha Lipoic Acid was the reason, I can’t say, because I also started taking Levothyroxine for my hypothyroid at about the same time, and when I was younger BMS went away on its own. I am NOT in the medical profession at any level; I am just relating to you what happened to me as a patient. You might want to try this, but CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE YOU DO. Also you can search the internet for “alpha lipoic acid and burning mouth syndrome” and find a number of scientific references. I hope this is of some help to you. Frank

Oct 20, 2016 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Dear Clownscrytoo: Welcome to our group! I like your idea for a magic “fix”. Personally, I also pray for miracles whenever I can. There are so many of us out here, and we do help each other by sharing and listening. Glad to have you with us. Frank

Oct 19, 2016 · Advice needed on how to live with chronic dry eye irritation - intro in Chronic Pain

Dear Blindeyepug: Thank you so much for your message. Your rational approach to the situation will help me a lot if I can do it too. I am still having trouble ACCEPTING that this is a new chapter in my life. I am going to print your response and tape it to my wall so that I can read it when I am having difficulties–it will be invaluable. Thank you for praying for me; I will do the same for you. I like your idea of doing “kinda hokey things”. I spent much of my life thinking I was going to be a famous scientist (my ego pushing me around!) and then this dry eye came up and I could no longer do science. I have learned that most of the time the hokey stuff is the stuff that really matters! I try to spend my time having joyful times with my wife and our cat. I still feel sorry for myself some days, but they are happening less often. I am so sorry to hear of all your challenges–I sound like a pathetic little whiner when compared to you. I am so grateful you chose to reply to my comments–I often don’t feel I deserve any sympathy, and that I am worthless and useless. You have really helped me with your reply, and I do so admire your courage, wisdom, and generosity! Your statement that “the things that made you who you are are still there” really strikes a chord with me–I MUST remember that! Maybe I can develop your virtuous qualities also. You have given me hope. You are a wonderful person! Best regards, Frank.

Oct 18, 2016 · Advice needed on how to live with chronic dry eye irritation - intro in Chronic Pain

Hi everyone, I’m Warren. For six years I have had chronic irritation due to “dry eye”, specifically because my meibomian glands do not make enough oil. I have tried different eye drops, eyelid foam, rice bags, wet rags, Restasis, increased omega-3 fatty acids, and probably other things I can’t think of right now. I know that many of you have worse pain than I do and have had it for a longer time. My question is: How do you do it? How to you live day to day with the pain? I am talking to a therapist and am on anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. Some days I just don’t want to be here anymore. Can anyone offer me any advice about how to get through the day? Thank you. (P.S. I know I am overly-sensitive, but it’s what I have to work with.)

Aug 2, 2016 · Multiple Sclerosis/Depression/PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you book2075 for the suggestion. I have been a meditator since the 1970’s (nor regularly, though), and have done some Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction also. They both do help some. Best wishes, Warren

Aug 1, 2016 · Multiple Sclerosis/Depression/PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Jane: I just left a message with my psychiatrist about the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. They will call me back and probably schedule an appointment. I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement. Thank you so much! Warren

Jul 31, 2016 · Multiple Sclerosis/Depression/PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Jane: I don’t have many friends either, and I have a brother who is far away and also mentally ill. Fortunately I have my wife’s family and her children by her first marriage, but as you can imagine, although we love/like each other, they, too, are far away, and I don’t always have a lot of positive things to share with them in any case.
I have not been religious in my life, but I’m thinking about becoming so. Sometimes I think that only a miracle will save me!
Best regards, Warren

Jul 31, 2016 · Multiple Sclerosis/Depression/PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

Dear Jane: I probably didn’t mention it in my first reply, but I am in the process of getting off Cymbalta and Lexapro. It has been 3 weeks with no pills of either kind, and it is pure living hell. I keep walking around inside the house saying to my wife “How am I going to do this? When is this ever going to stop? I don’t know how I can go on.” and similar things. I am nauseated most of the time, have no appetite, and nothing tastes right. I guess I just need to be patient.

And you are absolutely right about side effects that aren’t even listed on the pamphlets. I have to argue with my docs to get them to believe something is a drug side effect. Their standard line is either “That’s not one of the listed side effects.” or “I have several patients on drug X and no one else reports those side effects.” I just want to scream, and one time I replied to my doc in the nastiest voice I have: “Well, I’m one of your patients, and I’m reported a side effect!” He resented my disrespecting him (I don’t blame him), but he took me seriously that time. My reporting atypical side effects has happened so often to me that doctors are actually starting to believe me!

Hang in there, don’t give up, and take good care of yourself. Best regards, Warren