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Wed, Sep 9 6:06pm · Preparing for Surgery: Tips To Help You Get Ready for Transplant in Transplant

I’m glad I created a Caring Bridge site ahead of “the call” so that I could update and communicate with everyone that wanted updates and information on my husbands condition all in one spot. Constant texts were overwhelming, so I appreciated the ease and security that Caring Bridge provided. It now acts as our journal. What an amazing journey it was!

Thu, Jul 23 6:30pm · Timing of Liver Transplant for PSC in Transplants

Such great news! My husband had a deceased donor transplant on 2-9–2020, 6 weeks before my daughters wedding…so we packed major Life events into a short period of time as well. We stayed at gift of life and had offers to let me come home or trade out caregivers in that first month. For me though it was very important to be at his appointments and as others have mentioned, manage and KNOW the meds. I felt I was neglecting my son who was at home, but for me, it was more important that I was with my husband and get him well. My advice- don’t feel guilty about doing what YOU need to do at the time. You won’t be able to do it all. Let others take care of what you can’t. Make sure you eat and drink water. Take walks. Listen to uplifting music. Rest as much as you can, the first couple of weeks were exhausting for us both, and I imagine you will be too with a little one on the way.

Wed, Jun 17 9:24am · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

We live in a very small town with no traffic. No stop lights. My husband drove the few blocks to the store at about 5 weeks post transplant. Longer drives (such as several hours) we still share driving or I drive because driving causes him to have dry eyes and he is a little less confident in areas that are unfamiliar than he used to be.

After the staples were out and drains were all out and a couple of weeks of healing…maybe around 4-5 weeks post transplant he was able to get comfortable on his side. We also added a 4” foam topper to our bed, which helped a lot!

We are hoping this transplant lasts his lifetime! Hope not to ever do it again, so going to take meds on schedule and do everything in our power to make it last. If it ever comes to that—we know God will give us the strength when we get there, but try not to worry now. We are ready to live again!

Hope you are healing well.

Sat, Jun 13 2:55pm · June, 2020. Time to get on with life? in Transplants

My husband had his four month appointment at Mayo Rochester last week, and here was our experience traveling to/from: rest stops were cleaner than we had ever seen. At one rest stop they disinfected behind almost every person. In case, I had disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer along. We used our own kitchen or fridge at our destination Or used drive through devices for food. At a hotel they substituted packaged breakfast items for the usual buffet. We ate in our room. We felt very safe and very much enjoyed getting out. I hope you get to see your family soon. Best to you!

Mon, Jun 1 9:55pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

He got his transplant at Mayo Rochester. The day of transplant it snowed over 10”!

Mon, Jun 1 4:20pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

My husband had his transplant (liver) on 2/9/2020. We have found that bike riding is a good activity for us. It seems like his stamina is greater for that than walking, but still gets us out and moving. I feel like the key is to remember that recovery comes more quickly for some than others and that patience with yourself having just come through major surgery is important. Some days are great and others are fair. All are better than before transplant.

Sat, May 2 5:05pm · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

My husband is 12 weeks post liver transplant and has from day one had “hot flashes”, where he gets flushed (face gets red) and feels warm. We take his temp and he is normal. Anyone else with this experience? This new phenomenon seems to be one of the few new things he’s noticed. Otherwise feeing very good!