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Sat, May 2 9:04pm · Feeding tube just fell out and I don't want it replaced in Digestive Health

My son had a gtube for 25 years. He had it taken out. When they took it out they just left the stoma open. After 25 years it wasn't going to close on its own. Every time he ate or drank , stomach acid oozed out of the stoma. He was in a tremendous amount of pain. He developed cellulitis from the skin break down. He had to be hospitalized and the stoma closed surgically from the inside and the outside.He recovered and has done fantastic. Some stomas that haven't been in long do close on their own. I'm not sure how long you've had the stoma and I don't want to frighten you. I wish someone would have told me to have the stoma closed surgically and spared my son a lot of pain. I wish you well!!

Mon, Mar 16 8:20pm · Pancreatitis in Digestive Health

Any ideas on foods to eat after pancreatitis? I'm about done with chicken broth,jello,scrambled eggs and oatmeal

Mon, Mar 16 8:17pm · Zenpep in Digestive Health

I have been on Zenpep for a year. I haven't experienced any of the side effects you mentioned. One thing I've noticed is I must eat immediately when I take them or my bellies on fire and I feel bad.Hope things get better soon. Tramadol is the equivalent of baby aspirin.

Thu, Mar 12 7:40pm · Pancreas in Digestive Health

Thank you!! Talked to my doctor at Mayo and she got me the meds I needed. Feeling a bit better. She said I will be weak for a couple of weeks. Stay on low fat diet and keep taking my enzymes. I see her next month. Mayo has been AMAZING!!!!!!!

Mon, Mar 9 6:08pm · Pancreas in Digestive Health

Just got out of hospital with pancreatitis. CT confirmed and elevated lipase. So weak , short of breath and no bm in 8 days. Starting to worry. Called my GI at Mayo Rochester when this first started. Thinking I should call again

Sun, Feb 16 8:13pm · Diarrhea after eating, abdominal pain. in Digestive Health

One problem with colonoscopy is they biopsy tissue only. Should aspirate fluid from small intestine. Things show up that are normally missed

Wed, Feb 5 10:32am · SIBO diet in Digestive Health

Go to Rochester! They were amazing! I struggled for years and am finally on the right part. Everyone was so professional, kind and accommodating. Only place I’ll go from now on.

Wed, Feb 5 10:32am · SIBO diet in Digestive Health

I have been reading about the diet and I'm more confused than ever. There are a few SIBO diets and they contradict each other. How do I know which is the best one? Has anyone else been on this diet?? So far the only part I'm looking forward to is going to my butcher to ask for a bone. *~*