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Sun, Feb 16 8:13pm · Diarrhea after eating, abdominal pain. in Digestive Health

One problem with colonoscopy is they biopsy tissue only. Should aspirate fluid from small intestine. Things show up that are normally missed

Wed, Feb 5 10:32am · SIBO diet in Digestive Health

Go to Rochester! They were amazing! I struggled for years and am finally on the right part. Everyone was so professional, kind and accommodating. Only place I’ll go from now on.

Wed, Feb 5 10:32am · SIBO diet in Digestive Health

I have been reading about the diet and I'm more confused than ever. There are a few SIBO diets and they contradict each other. How do I know which is the best one? Has anyone else been on this diet?? So far the only part I'm looking forward to is going to my butcher to ask for a bone. *~*

Mon, Feb 3 7:58pm · MRI-E in Digestive Health

Actually a very real possibility but it will pass

Sun, Feb 2 8:19pm · MRI-E in Digestive Health

The great possibility of fecal incontinence and nausea from glucagon injection and being highly allergic to iv contrast

Sat, Feb 1 7:44pm · MRI-E in Digestive Health

Has anyone had an MRI-E?? I read about it on University of Virginia website. Now I'm not sure I can manage it. I have two months to worry about it.

Tue, Jan 28 8:34pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

Dr.Yi Qin and Dr. John Kisiel. Mostly Dr. Qin. She has been fantastic. Compassionate, professional,calls me herself doesn't have a nurse relay message. Very patient . Took a lot of time to answer my questions. I never felt rushed.

Tue, Jan 28 8:29pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

Datotate Pet Scan. I had a chromogranin a that was off the chart, same with gastric level. Flushing,severe abdominal pain,had a positive octreotide scan showing something on the pancreas. However, no one could ever locate the tumor. My doctors here said NET and carcinoid syndrome. I didn't believe them because without a tumor to biopsy it couldn't be proven. When the doctors at Mayo saw me they were questioning if it was NET and carcinoid syndrome. After many test the Datotate scan ruled it out. Now it's SIBO,still something up with the pancreas,BAM and a couple of other things being looked at. Thankful NET and carcinoid syndrome were ruled out.