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1 day ago · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

Hello,, breathing is still very labored at times..it’s been one thing after another for me..
I’m trying now to get referred out to UT Southwestern.. I was told by a doctor that I’m a medical mystery (I don’t want that title)..but they don’t want to treat me for the autoimmune disorder because of my lungs or my lungs because of the autoimmune disorder..
I really wish someone could tell me what to do or where to go!! Not from one doctor to another.. This can’t just be happening to me..
If I go to Er they say go to your doctor..Then you call doctors office they say if this is a true emergency call 911.. In the meantime I’m in pain that’s uncontrollable and my breathing is very tiring…Now they told me I’m going to be red flagged because I see to many doctors..But I hvnt ask for pain medication.. I’ve just asked them to figure out what is going on and fix it..
If I cld go to Mayo will they address all of my medical problems or just focus on one??

2 days ago · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

I’m not sure if this is neuropathy..I’ve had blood work done and my Ana is positive CRP is high and HLAB27 is high.. So they say lupus and ankle losing spondylitis.. But my feet hv started itching, burning and stinging hurting so bad..any suggestions??Is there anything I can do to easy the pain?

Thu, Apr 2 9:17am · How does SARS-CoV-2 make people sick? in Podcasts

Hello, hope it’s ok that I post on here..
But I haven’t checked in for awhile and I wanted to let Lioness know I’m still having trouble breathing sometimes I lose my voice..
But I’m still alive (and not giving up) if all works out I go to the infectious doc April 15th
Thank you all
Keeping all n prayers 🙏❤️🙏

Sat, Mar 14 3:06pm · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Will definitely try!! Thank you

Sat, Mar 14 10:37am · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Yes, It just so much to tell, and doctors hv so little time..I understand we’re they are coming from..wish we as individuals that don’t fit the normal medical book wld get the same consideration..I hv struggled for 7months to breath..over all the docs ERS I’ve been to basically said, I was making it up..If I was making it up I wld hv give it up a long time ago it takes up way to much of my time and money..
I really do appreciate your time..finding this support has helped me a lot..

Fri, Mar 13 8:50pm · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

I don’t know how he didn’t know because I gave the nurse a list of all meds.. plus we went over all of them..my answer is he didn’t take time to look or just didn’t care..I wld like a answer myself