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8 minutes ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

It’s a hobby, and we both love it..yes we did get masks.. but I stay out of the shop, it’s a big trigger for me… I did have a list.. kept it plan and to the point…the doctor gave me a plastic bag.. said I was hyperventilating… I never had asthma or shortness of air…I just know that I can’t walk across the room or have a conversation without out totally being breathless and coughing my head off..BUT oxygen level is good so they don’t take me serious..
Does anyone have a opinion about having lungs flushed??

11 hours ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Hello, I’m feeling down tonight, been having a very hard time breathing.. so I went to OU medical Center yesterday.. we got there about 1:30.. my BP was 167/125 and I was still having a very hard time breathing.. it was 6:30 before I finally got a breathing treatment and the guy from respiratory said he would give it about 30 minutes and we would do another treatment.. but it was shift change he never showed up again..finally the doctor can me in and said I have asthma.. he wrote a script for pro air and steroids..never addressed my BP and not much concern for my breathing…sent us home.. (I can’t stop coughing) and that makes my air way get tighter…making it harder to breathe..
Then today I got results from blood work I had last week..I tested positive for autoimmune disorder.. primary doctor is sending me to McBride bone and joint in Oklahoma City..I’ve done a little research on it.. I feel at a loss wright now… I already had knee replacement both shoulders replaced.. now I don’t know if the autoimmune disorder is affecting my breathing.. My question is is there a medication that will help me??
Is it the autoimmune disorder causing my asthma or asthma symptoms??
Where do I go pulmonologist??
How do I stop this itching in my throat that makes me cough??
Anyone any answers or suggestions??

2 days ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Hello, yes I’m about 2hrs from Oklahoma City, OU medical center.. thank you

3 days ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Thank you ☺️
Sounds like a plan. It is very overwhelming even to me..

3 days ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Thank you for your fast response, I will call OU medical tomorrow.. any suggestions on what to ask or tell them…because so far when I tell what happened and when it started.. they seem to stop listening to me..

3 days ago · Asthma like symptoms after engine fume inhalation in Just Want to Talk

Hello, first I would like to say thank you very much.. Sometimes I feel like I’m crazy.. so I try to ignore everything that’s going on.. But then my air shouts off and I know I can’t give up..but the medical professionals that I have seen some of them think(well I’m not sure what they think)One pulmonologist that I seen turned and ask my husband how does she usually act.. my husband said just fine when she can breath… this incident has even impacted my throat down into the esophagus..
My vocal cords, my voice, I’ve even got pain under right breast (but I’ve had gallbladder surgery a long time ago) so it can’t be gallbladder hurting) The biggest question I usually get is.. are you under a lot of stress..yes I am, but know more than usual..
I had a EGD last week with biopsy but no results yet.. I think my GI focus leaning towards (barrettes esophagus)(eosinophils asthma) but so far all asthma meds I’ve tried either makes it worse..or just makes me feel sick.. some have even caused blisters on tung.. But if I talk or drink something cold it makes me cough..coughing makes it feel like something swells up and that makes my breathing worse..my oxygen is good… but it’s so hard to push my air out…my cough sounds awful.. but they say my lungs are clear..but I’ve started coughing up some whit stuff..
I called to make appointment with pulmonologist but they can’t get me in until March 27… I saw my primary doctor and they are going to see if maybe they can get me in sooner.. primary doc said she would like them to do lung biopsy and flush lungs.. I definitely don’t know anything about that…
Sorry I didn’t mean to go on for ever…
I would love to go to Mayo but I live in Oklahoma… plus I’m afraid they will tell me the same thing.. which is nothing…I don’t want my life to end like this!! But at times I can’t hardly get myself to bed it simply takes to much air..
Then I wonder if I will wake back up or not.
I really do appreciate your time and I’m reading the information you sent..
Thank you very much

Tue, Jan 14 2:02pm · My gut hurts in Digestive Health

Ok, sounds like good advice.. I didn’t think about it that way…thank you for your time

Tue, Jan 14 10:39am · My gut hurts in Digestive Health

Hello, I told you all the test I had done and the report that I’ve got so far…all the doctor has said so far is to keep taking the same acid medication that I’ve been taking for 12yrs..
Question: if that medicine was working why am I hvin so much trouble? Any ideas?on what I need to do?
I’m having trouble breathing (asthma)? But the asthma medicine doesn’t help my breathing..it makes the acid worse..I’m so lost!!!everything I read sounds like that’s the answer to what I have but it doesn’t give me the answer to a solution… maybe it’s (eosinophils asthma)🤷‍♀️
If you treat one it makes the other one act up..
Like I said I’m lost… I can’t seem to get the doctors on the same page… working together..
In the mean time life is passing me by..
I’ve been this way since August not enough air to walk across the room,no energy, muscle spams, fatigue, dry cough.. hard to swallow, acid bad taste, feels like I have something stuck in my throat…but when I go to doctor my oxygen level is good so they don’t take me serious…
Any suggestions?? Or ideas?
I would truly appreciate it