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Fri, Apr 24 4:08am · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

After several years of intermittent PN in my feet recently it moved to my lower legs and then to my hands and arms. Now I can go to bed and fall asleep feeling no symptoms, then I wake up after being asleep 3 or 4 hours and the pain will have come back. Usually after going to the bathroom I am able to go back to sleep, but sometimes the pain is too distracting and I have to get up. The pain gradually begins to subside, hands first, then after one or two hours it pretty well goes away and I can get through the rest of my day practically pain free. Then I go to bed at 10 PM and the cycle repeats. Mayo Clinic called it idiopathic and progressive. Does anyone else experience this type of PN?

Sun, Apr 12 6:43am · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

I keep learning the hard way – what I call “black and blue learning” – the things that cause my PN to flair up. Recently I have started drinking different types of tea and when I tried one with rooibus, a shrub grown in South Africa that is supposed to be good for the immune system- but was bad for me. I’m still feeling the effects two days later.

Sun, Apr 5 9:13am · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

I have a very strong reaction to nightshades. Potatoes cause a severe flair up, as do tomatoes, and it doesn’t take more than a little bit. This has come on relatively recently as my PN has progressed. Has anyone else had this experience?

Fri, Apr 3 10:08am · Neuropathy & Exercise in Neuropathy

Thank you. I’m 82 and you are inspiring. I am reading Doiges books. My PN pain is manageable until I go to bed. A few hours asleep and I wake up with pain in my legs, feet and hands plus cramping feet. Usually I can get back to sleep, and after I get up and have been up and around awhile it recedes enough to not be noticeable. Sometimes it goes away completely but comes back almost as soon as I lie down. Does that happen to anyone else? If so what do you think is going on in our brain while we are asleep?

Fri, Mar 13 4:56am · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

Oh, and I forgot to list avoiding eating anything with cassava or tapioca.

Fri, Mar 13 4:55am · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

Last evening after one of the most pain free days I’ve had in several weeks we went out to dinner and I had a low country sautéed dish with shrimp and sausage and new potatoes in a broth. I didn’t eat the potatoes but did drink the broth. Last night I had one of the worst flair ups of neuropathic pain ever, so I’m up at 4:30 a.m. trying to figure out what happened. I think the “bad stuff” leached out of the potatoes and was in the broth. The last time I had such a bad night was after eating a meal of tomato sauce on spaghetti squash. Of course tomatoes and potatoes are both in the nightshade family (along with eggplants and peppers). They contain an alkaloid that can be very toxic to some people, and apparently you can develop a sensitivity to it over time as I have. Nightshades are one more thing I need to avoid eating along with gluten, bread, sugar, fake sugar and alcohol.

Fri, Feb 28 8:28am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I don’t agree with your neurologist although one of my doctors said the same thing. I can be sitting in my chair massaging my bare feet and legs and concentrating on how they feel and noticing that they feel perfectly normal. 30 minutes later I’m in bed with my feet and legs burning. So what’s going on?

Fri, Feb 28 5:18am · Neuropathy and Brain Neuroplasticity in Neuropathy

I have been reading about hypnosis for control and relief from chronic pain. Has anyone tried hypnosis for painful PN and if so what was your result?