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Dec 7, 2019 · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I am a 17 year liver transplant survivor. I was very blessed. My transplant was much easier then getting to the transplant. Very ill prior to transplant. Had been sick for 4 years prior to my transplant. No pain, but had high ammonia levels and went into short term comas many times before transplant. After transplant, was very weak. I really never got my strength back. However, I had no rejection problems. Have been able to be here for my 2 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, what a blessing. This last couple of years have been a bit tough. I have worked full time for the last 16 years. I developed Afib, ended up having an ablation, which went good. Was put on blood thinner (Eliquis, had a GI bleed. Lost 40 lbs over about a year and have hyperthyroidism. Started thyroid meds, which has shaken up my afib. Finally after 16 years on prograf, finally went to kidney doctor and found out I have 50% kidney function. I am now 63 years, I was blessed with many good years. With age I think you just start having more medical problems. I am hoping that I start gaining weight ( I weigh 88lbs now. But looking forward to improving with new meds. Just get a very good set of doctors, Gastro, kidney and Heart doctors to keep an eye on you. Don’t just trust a family doctor or an internist. Mine didn’t even want to refer me to a kidney doctor. Said nothing looked that bad and he probably wouldn’t take me. He told me I should have came a few years earlier.