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Mon, Sep 7 12:24am · What to do when in SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)? in Heart & Blood Health

to Nanci and noydb – Always nice to read the success stories you both share with ablation. I had an ablation in March and thankfully remain in sinus rhythm. EKG confirmed at post 4 months – now going on 7 with no underlying issues. Do have occasional PAC's but not often. My Mayo doc said I would have to be on a blood thinner for life ? Another cardiologist said could drop blood thinner after 3-4 months with aspirin if remain in constant rhythm. Very active and always beating myself up. Xarelto scares me with bleed risk. Don't want to be on this long term.
Most interested in circumstances allowing your docs to not require or stop blood thinners.

Fri, Aug 14 1:54pm · - important information about statins - in Aging Well

.harp. – for sure. Would not change meds without first consulting. Just an interesting thought

Tue, Aug 11 2:06pm · What to do when in SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)? in Heart & Blood Health

Noydb – Happy for the positive outcome.
How long following ablation was your husband allowed to stop the blood thinner?
I have had one elctrophysiologist tell me he would take me off after 3-4 months of constant sinus rhythm. Two others say you need to stay on a blood thinner for life. Are they just altra conservative? Maybe others have experience with this also? Staying on blood thinner scares me since am always banging myself up & history of nose bleeds. Have been in sinus rhythm for 5 months post ablation. Feel fine. No other underlying.

Tue, Aug 11 1:37pm · - important information about statins - in Aging Well

Interesting discussion. I am on an anticoagulant & Astrovastin.
Since both are prescribed to reduce stroke & heart attack, why take both? With all the downside on satins, could one just drop it, rely on Xarelto for adequate protection?

Thu, Jul 2 8:46am · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

Have not had a cac test. Maybe needed ? Makes sense from what have read. Have avoided radiation whole life since cumulative. Even argue with dentists over x rays. NO unless absolutely needed. Always opt for MRI over CT. From what read, cac involves a CT scan. A standard CT comes with a good dose of radiation. Know there are low dose CT's as well. Question -does anyone know if the CT for Calcium score test is a standard or low dose scan?

Mon, Jun 29 10:34pm · Taking Eliquis and Metoprolol for A-fib: Concerned about side effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Martin – just curious why you are on Warfin? The old gold standard but high maintenance. Xarelto and Eliquis so much easier to maintain – no dietary restrictions. Both now with meds to neutralize if needed. Sure you have good reasons. Would you share your thinking ?

Sun, May 24 11:54pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Did not have a good experience with Metoprolol. Was put on Xarelto and Diltiazem following afib diagnosis. Cardioversion had me in rhythm. Getting along well until my doc changed me to Metoprolol. Thought a beta blocker would be good to keep in rhythm – which it is designed for. Light headed and In 4-5 days went into Tachycardia – 170 bpm. Immediately weaned off Meto and back to Diltiazem. Back to normal rhythm in 2 more days. Could have been just coincidental but I suspected the Metoprolol so not a fan. Don't know about hair thinning –

Sun, May 24 11:37pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Can second Gary on Mayo. Above & beyond other clinics I have experienced. One experience for ablation. Would not consider elsewhere for any serious issue. Enjoy and be safe –