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5 days ago · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

Hi Sundance(RB). Thanks for the reply. Keifer is my best friend. I start the day w/a small glass, trying to get those “good” gut bacteria on board. Cranberry (unsweetened) is my go to. Started after I got home. Thought I had UT infection, but I think it was irritation from the catheter. Anyway, it helped so I just kept drinking it! I’ve read a lot about the sigmoid colon and it’s function. I read that the sigmoid is the holding place for your poop. At some point your bowel muscle will start to contract moving your poop ( excuse the slang) and (hopefully) exit you’re body. I guess my body is figuring out a new holding tank, huh? So, I think I’m starting to understand the “why’s” and with the use of Citracil, liquids and timed meals, I hope to be able to do my day not worrying about these urges. I bought a small box of “winged” pads to wear during my gym time. Did you use any protection during your day? If so, what did you use? Or has anyone in the group commented on what he/she found helpful? Thanks for listening and any advise/experiences you went through and are willing to share are greatly appreciated. Virgo

Mon, Dec 2 6:17pm · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

Ps. I am somewhat of a gym rat. An older one! I previously exercised everyday and plan on getting back to it. Good for the mind AND good for the body! Slay those classes. Thank u again. Virgo

Mon, Dec 2 6:15pm · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

Hi Sundance6! Thank you for your words of wisdom. Pretty much know this could have been a much more difficult surgery and outcome. So, I just want to say that I was fortunate. It’s mostly the lack of information in the main stream and that “gap” I find in our medical system of service/information that lead me to reaching out to people like you for advice and to remind me that this journey is out of my control. I got scared a week ago because I suddenly felt trapped and could not envision losing a freedom I have always taken for granted. I think what you said is very true. I just need to continue to do what I can to heal my body. It’s a great lesson on patience and, historically, I am not a patient girl….

Sun, Dec 1 11:49am · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

I know it’s early for me. Until now, I’ve been blessed with good health and lead an active life style. I, too, have decided that venturing out (which I haven’t done) is going to be a coordinated trip with restrooms and perhaps the use of protection for added confidence. I’m up and down with pain/nausea/gas. Eating is a puzzle. My previous diet incorporated mostly fresh produce/lean protein. Not happening. I tried Citracel a couple days that helped slow my bowel process. Will continue to do that. I am taking gas relief medication (dr ok’d) when I become uncomfortable. As much as I want to go out and be engaged and active, I just don’t have the energy. It’s kind of one day at a time, huh? It’s good that I hear a timeline for this, because information like that is comforting for me. Any structure in the storm!! Thank for responding and I welcome feedback/sharing from others

Sun, Dec 1 9:24am · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

It’s been 4+weeks since my resection. Found a cancerous polyp during a routine screening. Some frustration over the lack of information given by the surgeon as to what to expect afterwards. Late 60’s so I know the healing will take time. Mostly, struggling with bowel urgency/frequency and experiencing stomach pain from gas (pretty sure) is three months s realistic time frame for returning to “normal”? I’ve seen some posts that talk about two years? No further treatment so I was lucky. If anyone has had this surgery and went through or is going through the healing process, I would love to hear from you. Just kind of out there