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Sat, Apr 18 10:43am · Is prevention is better than cure? in COVID-19

There still more questions than answers?
1-Why do 'medics' use N95 masks when there are N100 ?
2-Is it true that 100% public use of ANY kind of mask, would measurably reduce new infections?
3-Is it true that a 10-second immersion of a latex gloved hand in 70% alcohol is sufficient decontamination?
4-Isn't 'Prevention' better than 'Cure'?
5-Could we all go back to work tomorrow with mandatory latex gloved hands and adequate masks?
I will if you will !

Tue, Mar 24 10:54am · COVID19: Are survivors immune from re-infection? in COVID-19

Chatting is OK – But a few facts might be useful too – Like – Are ‘survivors’ of CoVid19 immune from a re-infection?
For example, as we are after the ‘flu’.
Plenty more questions. Just looking for ‘Informed’ responses. . . . .

Tue, Mar 17 8:37am · COVID-19 and MAC: What are you doing differently to protect yourself? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Is it an accepted fact that transmission of Covid-19 is limited to one's 'face'? Assuming that you are not around other people (minimum 6 feet?) AND you never touch your face – are you 'immune'?

Fri, Feb 14 11:03am · Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR): Meet others & Share Your Story in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Maybe start here:-
"Careful 'tapering' is needed if you have been taking Prednisone orally.
But, there are no set rules.
An example of Prednisone Tapering:-
After 2 days at 40+ mg per day; decrease dose to 35 mg for 2 days.
Then 30 mg for 2 days.
Then 25 mg for 2 days
Then 20 mg for 2 days
Then reduce dosage by 2.5 mg every 2 days.
When 10 mg dose is reached, decrease in 1-mg every 2 days
If symptoms flare up, increase dosage immediately until relief.
Prednisone works best if taken at least twice per day.
(Even 10mg or 20 mg can 'wear off' after 12+ hours).
Only the patient can determine appropriate dosage/frequency.

Thu, Feb 13 11:03pm · Cerebellum Brain Atrophy in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Go To:-https://ataxia.org/neurologists-and-specialty-clinics/#AtaxiaClinics