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Mon, Apr 13 11:39am · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

Hello, I just received an email from PanCan that mentioned there are some webinars setup for "Navigating Pancreatic Cancer Care During the Coronavirus Crisis" Not sure if I am supposed to do this, but thought others may benefit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 • 2 – 3 p.m. PDT

Please note time zone differences:
3 – 4 p.m. MDT
4 – 5 p.m. CDT
5 – 6 p.m. EDT

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the webinar. The email will also include instructions for the audio portion of the webinar:


Mon, Apr 6 10:12pm · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

@mayojoe7 It sounds like you are a very strong person indeed. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 3/1/18. I went for a second opinion at Mayo and ended up working with Dr. Truty. The Mayo teams are the best! I pray that God will direct your path to the correct doctor and course of action. You know about one day at a time and I believe you know exactly what to do. I pray for peace and protection for you. If you need some encouragement, my story is out there for that purpose. 🙌🏻 Rita https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/

Wed, Mar 18 4:54pm · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

Keep the faith. One day at a time. I will be praying.

Tue, Mar 17 10:07am · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

Hello, I somehow missed the initial introductions. I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 3/1/2018 and have had a miraculous recovery and outcome. It's easier to share my story on the Mayo blog than restate the details. I believe focusing on one day at a time, staying positive, trusting my faith and walking through the steps recommended by my surgeon caused me to have my miraculous outcome of being cancer-free. Here is my story on the Sharing Mayo Blog: https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/

Wed, Feb 26 5:52pm · Recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancerous tumor - awaiting PET in Pancreatic Cancer

@minimia – I have had the same kind of interaction with the pharmacy. I sat there for two hours after my surgery waiting for correct scripts. I have given feedback. Otherwise, Mayo people are so awesome! I went through chemo, radiation and then, surgery. Dr. Truty does PET scans also. Here are my story and video with inputs from Dr. Truty in the story and the video. Hang in there! One day at a time and stay positive. If you are caregiving, get your own self-care. Hugs, Rita https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/

Wed, Feb 26 5:39pm · Total Pancreatectomy in Pancreatic Cancer

@ luckyone4321 I feel yah. It sounds like you got one answer though with your Dexcom stopping the insulin. That's good. I have a G6. I yet haven't made a commitment to an insulin pump…kind of because I was not surrendering to this whole thing either. My A1C went up recently because I didn't want to deal with it. I was doing just enough to get by, so to speak. Now I am getting it under control…one day at a time, right? I am not fond of changing too many things at one time. Then, I don't know what is causing the symptom. You are now in my prayers.

Wed, Feb 26 5:28pm · Total Pancreatectomy in Pancreatic Cancer

@luckyone4321 – Hello. I am not sure how I missed this post, but I found it this time. My surgery was 10/23/18 – my organs removed I am very much like you in what was removed from my body. I would be happy to talk further and answer questions. It was a very difficult recovery with having the pancreas, duodenum, and glands removed. I too had to adapt to now being type 1 and never was type 2. I also take enzymes. It took time to determine how many to take with each meal and type of food. Fatty food…I increase about +3 pills, but it is variable by the person. I haven't been able to eat some raw veggies because the fiber makes it exceedingly painful digest..not worth it. I can't eat lentils either…I suspect same issue. I stick to mostly cooked veggies I also had an episode with stress yesterday, trying to do things at work as I used to, it caused me to throw up and have what felt like a big knot in my intestine. I decided I have to slow down and be at peace. Here's my story. I was glad I was able to get it out there so I can encourage people. Please let me know if you have any questions. https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/

Wed, Feb 26 5:12pm · Need advice: Stage 2 pancreatic cancer in Pancreatic Cancer

@drewgrebe Hello, I had late 1st, early 2nd stage. I went through chemo, radiation and then, surgery. Pancreas, glands, and duodenum removed. I am cancer free. My surgery was 10/23/18. Here is my story. If nothing else it will be encouraging and it goes into more detail about my treatments, etc… https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/