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Tue, Jan 7 4:55pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Happy New Year everyone! It is hard to believe that 2019 is over and we have begun not only a new year, but a new decade as well. Today's blog post is reviewing the top 5 articles we posted in 2019. These include transplant food safety, transplant tourism, patient stories and more. Thank you all for connecting with us and each other this past year. The discussions are informative, supportive, and helpful to so many. We look forward to more great topics in 2020.


Mon, Jan 6 9:10am · 2019 Year In Review: Most Popular Posts in Transplant

Happy New Year! Even though we have dived straight into 2020, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the great topics we covered last year. In 2019, we talked about food safety, read touching patient stories, discussed what “transplant tourism” is, and met an expert. We covered these topics in our 5 most read articles of 2019.



Transplant food safety

Trending transplant stories  

Meet the Expert Dr. Mikel Prieto

Vacation tips and tricks for transplant patients

Transplant tourism-Patients Travel Around the U.S. for their Best Transplant Options




All of these topics and so many more are found throughout our blog. Browse all our posts here. We started this blog to be a resource to patients, caregivers and anyone who might be interested in organ transplants or donation, from the experts at Mayo Clinic.


Are there any topics you would like us to consider covering in 2020? Let us know by commenting below!




Dec 18, 2019 · Transplant Infographics in Transplant

You make a good point @gingerw. As the primary caregiver, it would really help to understand what to expect. Coincidentally, our Patient Education department just released this video to help answer some questions.

We have added a blog post dedicated to caregivers to our content calendar for early 2020. In the past, we have created blog posts out of discussions from the Transplants group. I think future transplant caregivers would benefit a great deal if they got tips and advice from caregivers like you who have been there. Would you be willing to start a discussion in the Transplants group to get an open and honest discussion with fellow caregivers started?