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Thu, Mar 12 3:59pm · 7% Saline Solution in MAC & Bronchiectasis

What an excellent, explanatory post; and to think you don’t charge for your services. Thanks Sue.

Tue, Mar 10 10:38pm · need help for high cholesterol 222 & high triglycerides 217 in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Oops. In conveying to lov my admiration of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. I said “You’ll not do better…” A bit later it occurred to me that “poster” AFRrobin might interpret my comment as a denigration of Dr. Suzuki which was certainly not my intention.

Dr. David Suzuki's

Tue, Mar 10 9:19pm · need help for high cholesterol 222 & high triglycerides 217 in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Lov, You'll not do better than Caldwell Essestyn, Jr. As you know, he along with a few other "diet and lifestyle" physicians have been successful in not only arresting, but actually reversing arterial plaque buildup. BTW my reading of Essestyn (pg. 5 of his book) doesn't square with your understanding that he approves up to 12 grams of oil daily. 2/3 down pg. 5: "You must not consume oil of any kind–not a drop." No nuts, no avocado either. Granted, this injunction is directed to persons with actual heart disease though Essestyn, like McDougall, Novick, Clapper and I think Ornish; strive to get patients percentage of calories from fat below 10%, My sense from my own experience is that in order to achieve that enviable level its probably gonna require ditching all oil. Not all fat, but all oil.

You might enjoy googling William C. Roberts, M.D., long time Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Cardiology. In reading some of his stuff I noticed that he acknowledges that some individuals are subject to "familial elevated cholesterol." He has no hesitation in Rx'ng statins for them as he is a firm believer that elevated cholesterol, especially LDL is the cause of atherosclerosis. Check it out and stay in touch. Don

Mon, Mar 9 2:58pm · need help for high cholesterol 222 & high triglycerides 217 in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi lov, you mentioned “very low oil.” Elaborate a bit, e.g. do you use ANY oil in your food preparation? Do you avoid eating at cafes and restaurants where we have little control? High fat foods e.g., olives, avocados, nuts?

Sun, Mar 8 7:52pm · Dieting, Mayo Diet, Keto Diet, any suggestions? in Healthy Living

I'm back NiceHat. btw, bearly's post in the thread is spot-on: she says "too extreme." You doubtless know that the "low/no carb diets trade on forcing the bod into an abnormal condition: ketosis, which as I understand it is the final stage as one approaches starvation. It's seems such a brutal thing to intentionally administer to oneself. Dr. T. Colin Campbell is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell. During his career there he stumbled on an opportunity to conduct a landmark nutrition study using data amassed years ago in China. The result; his magnum opus "The China Study," which the N.Y. Times characterized as "the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. If you've not read it I commend it to you highly. I suspect other "Connect" members are familiar with it and may chime in here.

Sat, Mar 7 6:19pm · Dieting, Mayo Diet, Keto Diet, any suggestions? in Healthy Living

Hi Nicehat, low carb huh? One of my perennial aggravations is the widespread failure, including the popular media to distinguish between simple carbs (e.g., Twikies) and complex carbs (e.g.) sweet potatoes, butternut squash, beans, kale) Simple carbs are largely junk food; starches like beans, potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, oats, brown rice promote health. Betcha can’t remember seeing a morbidly obese person and thinking they’d been eating too many sweet potatoes or sweet peas or lentils.
Hey I’m doin’ the one finger steno thing on my phone. More later from the PC. Don

Tue, Mar 3 1:42pm · Aspergillosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thanks Teri. It's my son who's been dx'd. with it. He's been having lots of trouble with it for several months now. He lives in northern Illinois and is close enough to Chicago to be able to drive in to Northwestern University Medical where he is being treated by, I presume, a faculty member. He's buoyed by her competence and though busy, she is supportive; recently emailing him an Rx for a med after he contacted her while vacationing in Mexico.

I'll send the him the Mayo link that you furnished. Don

Sun, Mar 1 10:10pm · Aspergillosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Anyone on the forum have experience with this or related ailments?