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2 days ago · Spinal cord stimulation: Will Nevro help when Medtronic didn't? in Spine Health

Just to say, from perspective of former RN and a surgical patient myself, ALL surgeries can carry risk of infection – it is a mentioned potential complication acknowledged in all preoperative discussions by any ethical surgeon. Unsure whether he was talking about this general risk or he was he specifically referring to COVID because of current pandemic/if one was hospitalized? Diabetic patients are more prone to poor healing/increased risk of infection as are very obese patients (poor tissue perfusion). However, other than increased risks with COVID and diabetes (ESP if blood sugars not well controlled), normal infection risks should not be given as sole reason for a surgery to be cancelled. This is why antibiotics are administered pre/intra/post operatively!

2 days ago · Spinal cord stimulation: Will Nevro help when Medtronic didn't? in Spine Health

Hooray! Mine is also! Sort of a more uncomfortable day today, thinking it could be weather related.

5 days ago · Spinal cord stimulation: Will Nevro help when Medtronic didn't? in Spine Health

My only suggestion as both a retired RN and a patient with multiple level fusions in both lumbar and cervical spine is to ask many questions. FYI, I am doing well with a Medtronics spinal cord stimulator. If I had not had it work for me, and was looking at different brands, I would want to know:
– WHY do you think your brand will work when X did not?
You don’t want them to say nebulous things like “our technology is better”.
-Specificities, please! Exactly why will it work better?
– Modalities?
-Your specific problem is best treated by what/because?
-Can they explain why they feel their product is best for your problems? Specs? Data? Trials. Make sure they explain this so YOU can understand – it’s their job!
– Presumably you DO get a trial?
– Is this the same surgeon involved with Medtronics device? What and why does he think this may be better (or does he?). Any Pain physicians involved?
– Check with current/former patients as to customer service of Nevro vs others.

I was also offered “option” of more surgery/additional fusion level and I opted to try something else. Surgery was my last resort if things got even worse. I was on pain meds by end of day 1-2 Vicodin. Aspirin and EST. Heat, ice. Used a cane occ. Limped. I have no idea if this stimulator will work/help for how long (been since late January). Hardest part for me were all the postop restrictions so things would “set in”, but I managed to make myself behave. (Amazing!) My original surgeries were in 2011. Began having sciatica pain a few years ago, my diagnosis is moderate/severe spinal stenosis, DDD, bulging disc here and there. Too bad they didn’t have dependable artificial discs offered then as I might have considered it. Right now I can do much more, off one antidepressant, maybe take aspirin once or twice daily, EST if needed. I still do use ice/heat for muscle spasms as needed. But I garden, walk, maybe 1/2 Vicodin if my neck is bad. (My SCS is only for my lumbar area.)

I hope you find some answers and relief!

Mon, May 11 5:41pm · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

Curious, can you explain your disc listings? Is that an I before 2 & 3 or? Not sure what ND is either? Not familiar with those terms, just the spinal vertebrae initials C/T/L/S and numbers for those…thx!

Thu, May 7 8:39pm · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Thank you for doing that! I am also an animal lover!

Wed, May 6 12:30am · Has anyone any had the Stimwave spine stimulator installed? in Spine Health

I had a Medtronics Intellis spinal cord stimulator placed late January after successful trial the month before. I had a multi level lumbar fusion with screws, etc. 2011. Was fine until about 2 years ago and I did something STUPID at the gym. Resulted in severe sciatic pain lower back and esp into R leg to foot. Was offered another fusion into L5-S1. No thanks. This helps a LOT!