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2 days ago · So tired of being stuck... in Depression & Anxiety

So sorry for all that feel depressed it's all too easy for others that never suffered from any kind of deep depression/ metal illness they label it, yet if you have broken your arm or leg they have time and plenty of doctors and time for you, it's all too easy for them to dismiss depression health is health . It's easy to get loss and alone in a dark hole especially with website and internet let's face you could shut yourself away like bears for the winter … Sounds great idea to start with . No body to face no issues only your precious thought 's. Truth be told we can feel alone even in a crowd of people. Changing our feelings needs to face our fear of our past what or when where did it start ?! Was it an accident or treble pain from different sauce whether at home or wherever it started pulling back to layers helps first face your biggest fear is it real or phobia ?! Praying helps if that is something you can manage if you believe in a heavenly father just knowing he cares can help if you think about the house had a designer so there has to be intelligent design behind universe ?! That said not trying to stop anyone ideas just if you want to believe in intelligent design that can help you have hope and faith can change bigger things then we are, alone your just you, with help and support your stronger . Hope this helps also I've found gardens help and changes to lifestyle like not eating fast food and sugar that's so refined that isn't anything good to it . Really hope this can help some dear precious ones out there, another thing you might want to check out is ginger root and turmeric (only don't add to milk !!!) Ginger tea is great at healing, ginseng too good for your mind ,balance food's not eating same thing, really helps, set yourself goal each day or month . Baby steps to see how far you have come write down how you feel and what the weather is like anything that made you feel good or not so good , remember nobody is aloud to put you down or hurt you without your say so, write down what you are good at and what your dreams are , one step forward sometimes two back just start over, don't take the blame for what others put on you ,YOU don't have to carry their load. ( my dearest precious Son is sports naturist he gives plenty of time to helping dear ones heal ). Just know your not alone you never where God bless. kind regards swift hug from England

Fri, Jan 17 4:15am · undiagnosed movement disorder in Brain & Nervous System

It's hardest thing not understanding why your going through this difficult time, being in limbo we sometimes say, tis stressful and hard to deal with, not knowing is half the battle somewhat overwhelmed by things around you especially if the doctors can't understand why your body has reacted in some way, this is just stab in the dark , do you or have you had mercury fillings in your teeth ?! I've had similar thing happened to me something makes my body move without my saying or doing when I walk can't stand up or wobbling like I've been drinking when I am almost tea total ( so we say in England) doctors can't understand and because they are not able to understand sometimes they don't want to see you anymore. It's definitely frustrating.i don't know whether you have any other illnesses autoimmune diseases or family members had , but might be worth ask doctor what you think, triggers this off, where /when did this start for you ?! I've found chillies turmeric ginger root dandelion root all helps and especially taking sugar out of my lifestyle changes. Hope this gives you some peace of mind just knowing that your not alone can sometimes help. try to look for things that bring you joy , birds , horses mountain sea view … Keep a journal helps too … Kind regards swift hug from England

Tue, Jan 14 4:36am · Afraid I have cancer in Cancer

First off iam so glad you are able to talk about things, big hello , your brave, it's a very stressful time for you, I'd ask to see autoimmune specialist, ( I'd think about what if any chance you have done that is different n your life, have you changed anything around you or moved house and or dietary supplements can have side effects) but not as many as you have been describing , have you maybe caught virus ?! Changes in your diet even sometimes something you have always been eating can sometimes upset you after many years of just being normal this happens when your body has over reaction to something , nerve pain could be what you had / having in your ankle . Hope this helps and I've found out a lot of dear precious ones have found turmeric and ginger root helps also plenty of potassium needed as we get older we might be living alone and forget to eat or feed ourselves as we did before . Worth looking for good nutritionist . Keep active gentle swim even just to take your mind of things, if you like walking with Dog or without and write about everything else that's happening in your life right now. … Kind regards swift . take care HUG from England.

Mon, Jan 13 4:31am · Family trip gone bad: Dad overused his anxiety med in Addiction & Recovery

First off nobody deserves to be hurt especially by family parents that can't be there it's like they never grow up with love from your grandparents that maybe, the case with your father. Nobody can put or make you feel sad without your saying so . It's very hard having to live with people especially family when there's no communication between son and father daughter and father or mothers , yet you can learn to sit down and say how you feel maybe do reverse roles might help get some history about your father's family how he was as a boy than sit down you put your points across in his shoes as it were and he looks at what your life has fell like from feeling as if you don't have a voice in your precious home where you need to feel safe, that is First place you grow up with love and kindness, but we know all too much it's not the case , your suffering from illness is tell tell sign you need to be listened to, you need someone who maybe understands your life that could be a sounding board , i know it's not everyone s place to go but I've found praying and meditation on reading the bible helps to keep calm if only for you especially as you sound like you are a kind loving person love doesn't keep account of past hurts letting go will help you too . Hope this makes senses . Wish you well , I kinda understand , iam a grandmother like you say if you have children you would do different , you would be there for them because you know how much they would need you and your precious love. (had to show love to my family to receive it yet haing said that it all takes time for them that never grow up with love to learn how to express it ) You get back twice as much as you give out . Kind regards swift hug from England

Tue, Jan 7 5:08am · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Be a tiger instead of Eeyore, keep smiling throughout it all , remove toxic waste from negative effects of people that looks down on others , remove anything that hurts and leave the path of the past behind you.keep your steps small ,goals small and if you having bad day , don't beat up yourself !!! just when you think things are going well something goes pear shape , .that is life, my dear dear older brother ended up over the holidays in hospital with Sepsis thought we might lose him, and after lost of our precious Sister last year would have been too much . ( still can't get my head let alone my heart around her leaving, she didn't know she was poorly even.) Walking in beautiful countryside and viewing precious things breathing air from hills or sea helps with your precious dogs especially , even if you are miles away from them focus on tiger he always finds a way , visual studio laughter view Laurel and hardy always makes you laugh .
Hope you enjoy your precious day ahead knowing your stronger than you think you know…..
Kind regards swift hug from us in England

Tue, Jan 7 4:51am · Smelling Cigarette Smoke in Brain & Nervous System

Hello from England , iam so sorry to hear your suffering on top of the daily issues your already having to handle most of us would have given up by now, so don't focus on stress of giving up smoking if your Dr asked you to stop eating chocolate that would be hard enough, so take one tiny step at a time, ( my ddaughter has been through ruff time long story short her husband is disabled and has cancer too she has been sick from stress , here they have rest bite care where you get to have a break time for you just to recharge your precious batteries) might be able to get something like that where you are living and maybe even try drinking before having vitamins in morning lemon water with honey and ginger root might help settle your throat know it's helped me and my darling daughter, they have two precious children that get stressed by things , and my dearest precious beautiful friend are handling similar to you caring for her disabled husband she too has rest carers to support her she's no longer able to do everything herself ,. Seems to me you have enough to deal with walking your precious dog might help when you think about needing to smoke instead of… HUG from England kind regards swift * your so brave take little time to breathe…

Mon, Jan 6 4:50am · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you , I've been thinking about getting another dog for a while like you say they just know how to comfort us , a gift for your precious heart 's they stay by you when you are not well and give much more than they get. I watched film were they said dogs are good for nervous system and healing pain by taking your mind of things especially issue's your dealing with each day , so glad I've come across your precious words i can tell their from your heart. Hope people can read your words and able to move forward with your support , your very brave and stronger than you know. Here's hoping you enjoy your precious day ahead knowing that plenty of good comes from sharing your precious encourage -ment, sure has helped .
Kind regards swift hug from England

Thu, Jan 2 8:03am · Adult Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi so sorry for your accident left you this way , i understand somewhat , both my son who is now in his 30's and myself suffer from head injury his was when he was young lad ,he was at the park and some teenagers were showing off with some girls that visit uk in summer anyway cut long story, short he has outbursts he didn't understand for long time why because before his accident he was happy kind and lovely lad ( he still is to his mum ) other people that don't understand why it can be hard for them to understand you, and what your going through. Sometimes he would just not handle work issues, other times he would just train at the gym his training helps him alot especially now… he understands better why this happens your head injury effects your patience because that is where in your brain injury to do with processing . Our Precious brains can handle alot. He has changed his lifestyle we always trying to find ways to help balance between training and his calm down time i message him positive thinking and walk when he can't take sounds/ noise can sometimes set his anger off or when he and i can't talk ,we find calm place to walk or be , hope this helps you, your issues better, to understand is half the battle, and maybe that can help your precious family to be patient with you , fresh nutrition helps( he studied to be sports nutritionist help him focus on others, calm heart is a happy one so we keep smiling.
tc kind regards swift Hug from England