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5 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

Hi dear ladies. I've found from my dearest precious little sis, that ginger root helps with nausea, that's only natural and ginseng helps to relax from anxiety hope this helps you guy's through this winter . If you try it and it helps let me know ? Please tc keep smiling walking whether you inside or outside in your precious countryside enjoy , imagine your walking in summer if that helps write about ways to increase your walks even if you park father away from the office or your place of work or get off the bus stop before your. This makes your suffering less. Enjoy whatever you do look for positive things whether in family and friends or outside traveling, help each other open the door to better understand of others looking for good in everyone. What you can't change except , temporary this is you health I really hope this is help to some. Kind regards swift smile that you share is always happily received:-)

Tue, Dec 3 6:45am · What is your anxiety like? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi there I've just read your blog, it's refreshing to know iam not alone I've suffered from panic attacks for years, some times not able to face the world around us, i understand brain fog too living with fibromyalgia and arthritis pain levels never seen to balance, especially with the winter weather, it's hard for those around us to understand, after rotten summer having just lost my dearest precious little sister too and dear precious friends. I've found ginger root helps with immflomation , ( body swollen inside can be very painful) on top of eyes dry it sounds like you might need to return to consult your medical care team , know turmeric and ginger root with lemon have been help and keep looking for natural resources to help, hope this helps and finds you some comfort , I've found pray helps too.
Kind regards swift

Mon, Nov 4 6:57am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

He has sunken down lately , after his op on his cancer , his friends scattered , he is amazing in his 20s still they know this cancer is terminal . He has good days and not so good days , he said it's like waiting for time bomb to go off , he lost his only friend and seen more things happen to others then most people their age his precious wife is help and support. Yh sounds like you right that is the best way to deal with cancer and precious loss , by way of helping others grain strength and enjoy what they can helps us feel valuable . I know future is bright with hope that turns into love. Showing fellow dear precious ones feeling you kinda understand what they feel and being there helps them. It's hard to find balance sometimes , especially when you are exhausted from supporting others . So I write and keep smiling . Thank you dear precious merry volunteer for sharing your precious words of encouragement and your precious time , i especially appreciate. You have a precious kind heart, tc swift HUG from us all.

Mon, Nov 4 6:27am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Thank you dear precious merry volunteer, you know how much appreciate your precious fed back, it means much more than words can ever say, I've researched many years especially now after loss of my dearest precious beautiful sis she was only in hospital while , she didn't even see summer sunshine , we had planned holiday if she had strength … Never happened , it's like someone has cut me in two half of me is missing forever . I've got strength from above to keep helping others seems impossible to but some how i am , had test waiting for results as we so close in age . Know there's hope when we reach out and support others especially those understand what this cancer and any cancer does to families . Hope you able to enjoy your precious day knowing your precious support helps other dear precious ones through difficult times ahead . Know talking half weight of loads we carry . Kind regards swift thinking about all you guy's going through this critical times hard to deal with… Writing helps remember meeting dear older gentle lady in her 80s she was amazing she told me what she had stage 4 , like our family . Let she found changing her outlook on life and diet lifestyle changes helped her , she had family huge support especially when you know they are already suffering and dealing with so many other issues , my son has brain tumour and he is struggling but I know with support and bright outlook on life he will get through whatever we face we will face together. That is the key !!! I see so many going through this without support they seem to suffer more . Saddens my heart i try to reach out to others support them. You need to take time to reflect on your health too. Tc dear precious merry volunteer, HUG from us all

Mon, Nov 4 5:05am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hello dear Sam , Hope that is alright to call you that, Hope your precious mum feels better real soon, I've found ginger root, helps especially to settle tummy, I've lost my dear precious Sister in the summer to ovarian cancer HGSC stage4c my heart goes out to you all glad I've found this page, ( we have lost so many already but know it's better when you talk about things and maybe even write a dairy each day helps , know this is hardest year after loss of dear friend n sister we also lost our precious dear mum and aunty to the same rotten cancer ) it's only silent if you can't get doctors that understand what you need help with. He kind team of doctors helped so much, but she didn't even realize she was so poorly. HUG from uk take care of yourself too by taking out refined sugar this can help you in your fight against cancer. Kind regards swift x