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2 days ago · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Yh your all uniquely different , if you start out with good intentions with good start to routine , but something or someone upsets that Apple cart it's like they have blown your whole day and sometimes your whole week is somehow out of sink for you it doesn't take much to unsettle your routine , it's not something everyone can understand either. Take care guy's silver colloidal could help this virus stay safe and keep smiling .
Kind regards swift. :-),HUG from England

2 days ago · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Hi ilove doodle, so sorry your had to experience the nursing issue of thinking without seeing their patients in need of help with true health issues, yes shingles is very painful and your precious body is very low to have this reaction to have shingles your immune system is struggling in the first place, ginkgo biloba , Ashwagandha ( sometimes known as India's ginseng) Maca and or red ginseng, they can each help better than antidepressants without harming your precious mind and body , Ashwagandha and Ginkgo Bilbo can relax your anxieties( as praying and reading the bible especially psalms ), They can help you sleep better and increase brain clarity and help remove toxins as can activated charcoal , and spinach blueberries research for yourself turmeric dandelion root add with ginger root and Burdock root and try chamomile tea and moranga they would benefit not just depression and anxiety it's clarity of mind which in turn gives you balance and better lifestyle choices , with knowledge this gives you better ideas how to face life. Hope this helps ginger root tea with lemon slice and local raw honey it is good health for healing , we need to share what we know like this system is going through critical times , hard to deal with right now, if you can find hand gel use essential oils lavender and coconut or eucalyptus oil tea tree with Aleo Vera would make gel , grow plants and herbs there's plenty that can relieve stress gardening especially good for mind and if you don't have a garden find someone that needs helping hand with their garden enjoy beauty surrounding you. If you are struggling or indoors Google virtual garden's animals have Wonderful affect on your precious immune system too. Kind regards swift. HUG from England keep smiling. That's something we all can share. Hope this can help you guy's your health and peace of mind .

Sat, Mar 14 2:45pm · Back pain after Kidney Stones in Chronic Pain

Dear dancing girl, + co … I so sorry your suffering so much, I've been there arnica can help ginger root dandelion root and Burdock root turmeric you can trt walnuts ( know that sounds different but walnuts help nerve pain believe me I've tried everything over the years can't sit down or hurts all the time yet , Dandelion root helps lung health too as Mullein drops and or tea ( stop frizzy sodas they can have a nasty overreaction on your precious nervous system, ) building up your immune system along with homeopathic medicine can really help and swimming as when you are in water you can float and steam help s and bath with essential oils lavender and eucalyptus oil , ginger root and silver colloidal is good natural antibiotics lifting your precious immune system to help fight inflammation in your body . Alkaline diet helps stop refined sugar and daily has helped many people. Hope this can help you too. Kind regards swift hug from England cider vinegar and lemon juice helps and slice of lemon near your bed can help you sleep well. : -) as can positive mind . .

Sat, Feb 22 11:15am · Adult Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Brain & Nervous System

Welcome dear @carnes, so sorry to hear about your suffering , as you say it's very frustrating when you can't find the right words or even say the things that you mean to yet another set of words come tumbling from your mouth , I've had head injury and living from side effects , sometimes people just act weird around you or think you have been drinking , yet you don't wish to explain every single time especially when it's to people should know better. Like doctors or friends . I've found those that called themselves friends can't think about how to support you through this difficult time, ain't worth your time or worries about them. Here your find dear precious ones that understand some of what you are dealing with, we either living with similar issues or support and or support precious family going through things like you, ( I've lost my dearest precious little sis lately and she was dealing with brain tumour and my son too she sadly didn't realize how poorly she was, or maybe it was a blessing she did not have to suffer long illness. Can't get my head around it let alone my heart, friends try to comfort but they don't understand ) my dearest precious beautiful Son has learnt to train others even with his traumatic brain injury, he changed his lifestyle ginger root dandelion root and Burdock turmeric coconut oil alkaline his system got off all medicine he trains natural resources antibiotics from silver to turmeric ginger they help you regain strength and recovery from some many things heal build your precious immune system along with stronger ,clear brain and thinking… Hope this helps you. Keep smiling. Your stronger than you think . Kind regards swift HUG from England. Carrot juice and bananas / paw paw fruit and pineapple juice or fresh add turmeric ginger root or cinnamon and chillies blueberries or green smoothie bananas and spinach ,cauliflower , honey and any vegetables you enjoy carrot juice just before meals just small glass it's amazing energy you find from eating free from process food and especially wheat your find what suits your system best enjoy also butternut squash soups stew we make home made add i little chillies, sea salt just tiny bit, and cinnamon and ginger power if you don't have root , enjoy ginger tea too with lemon and honey or turmeric up to you .

Tue, Feb 25 3:21am · undiagnosed movement disorder in Brain & Nervous System

Hi dear precious @beth11 and co it's not just iron your low on whether it's autoimmune diseases or something only a woman's suffering from alot to do with nervous system working right , it can be down to what you are choosing to eat and drink , sodas especially coke cola can rid you from all goodness your eating, so take them out your diet / lifestyle changes especially if you want to feel better, ginger isn't just a thing to stop you feeling sick it's so much more than that, turmeric isn't just to add spice to curry YES it takes time especially when you suffering might be hard for you. But it's got to be worth trying not just only once and saying that doesn't work for me , because it takes time. Changes you make even little steps add up when you stop believing you can't help yourself, you need to see doctor , the doctor isn't a miracle man / women they only know how to treat Your symptoms or when you broken your arm or leg, then yes you need the doctor pawpaw, ginger root dandelion root cilantro lemon s , oranges, &. many more, eat fruit daily an Apple will really keep the doctor away, try pears, berries make you strength return but you need to stop processed foods especially sugars that rises your your blood sugar levels : gives you diabetics , not life everlasting ,when you eat process food , try cooking with coconut oil your see difference almost right away. Your see your mind thinking clearer, Try it even if you don't like the taste at the start change little things at a time. Like stop sugar there's honey natural sweet things dates if you eat just three a day that would give you more energy efficient in ways you might only dream of right now.
Tea without sugar and no milk, it's made that way add lemon not boiling water wait for boiled kettle to cool a little don't drink straight away let it stew and even make some more for later on in the day,
keep it in jar in your fridge or just with lid on on your side in kitchen.
The longer you keep it the more beneficial it is for you even add to smoothies , enjoy your precious day knowing happy heart is from above.
Kind regards swift .
hug from chilly winter snows in late winter.Keep smiling…..

Sun, Feb 23 11:51am · undiagnosed movement disorder in Brain & Nervous System

Hi dear precious Beth that's good news; have you had thought to checking your immune system blood tests can show if you are short of minerals and Cooper iron and zine it's easier to change your food add A,B, C and especially vitamin k without the right vitamins , etc you will feel poorly , even though you might only need little Cooper and zinc without them other vitamins won't work so well for your health , and you can become very unwell. Good news hope you able to feel better real soon turmeric ginger root dandelion root all make good healthy teas too or ADD to smoothie, curry, soup etc. …. Enjoy your precious weekend kind regards swift . HUG from chilly old England . Keep smiling !!! positive mind always beneficial. All your symptoms could be fibrous virus infection especially in autoimmune diseases . Please let us know how things go with gyno

Thu, Feb 20 12:16pm · Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage in Chronic Pain

Hi my previous lioness, so happy you love to use natural resources too ; I'd use ginger oil with lavender if it's nerves twitching also for headaches I use lavender from migraine i used to have such bad migraine I'd be violently sick and need to stay in a very dark room, ( as dark as darkroom for photographers ) now when I get one starting which isn't very often these days , i use lavender just few drops on the back of my neck, and forehead if need be. Nerve hot with inflammation I'd use either peppermint with chamomile few drops of both with lemon two drops of lemon oil and carrying oil fractured coconut or Avocado oil as they better absorbed into the skin . Hope this helps also frankincense oil and eucalyptus are especially good for pain lavender is great for nerve pain too and as you would already know great for burns , ( never leaving scar. ) tea tree goes well for hair especially with eucalyptus and coconut . There's so many especially oils still learning after 35 years.. which keeps me busy. Enjoy your precious evening/ weekend tc hope this can help you guy's.
Kind regards swift hug from blustery old England

Thu, Feb 20 8:04am · Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage in Chronic Pain

Has the things your doctor gives helped ?! Blood pressure = beetroot juice I'm not saying stop everything at once just steps to wards your better health will only happen when you take steps . At the end of the day it's up to you what you feed your precious hearts and body , garlic and turmeric ginger root dandelion root and Burdock root heal your immune system , green smoothie bananas and pineapple coconut oil heal not only your nerves and brain also help you gut to brain health . Kind regards swift hug from England