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Sun, Apr 26 4:02am · 2 years sick, nauseous and dizzy, no answer, please help. in Just Want to Talk

I didn't say they are too old , if you had read what I have said is some times older dear precious ones have told me they are too old to learn, but i don't believe this to be true. There are many dear elderly people whom i hold dear to my heart that have much to teach everyone , age is just a number , your never too old to learn with an open mind . Keep smiling and stay safe …
Kind regards Swift 🙂

Sun, Apr 26 2:01am · 2 years sick, nauseous and dizzy, no answer, please help. in Just Want to Talk

Hello dear Precious @lioness and dear precious @ginger hope you guy's are well as possible,
especially in these difficult times, we are living in different times, that's for sure, in answer to your precious questions Have I tried turmeric milk ? Yes with rice milk and Almond milk and goat's milk , and yes with pepper and honey & ginger root tea it's amazing goodness for your precious immune system, ( made differently by dear precious ones from India and other precious countries, ( my dearest friend's, are from India, and my Nan', and great grandad', were from India too ) .
It's interesting that they being a developing country still ahead of some countries that believe they are better somewhat , yet I've learnt more from them than I've learnt from some developed more advanced countries .
I learning still even from younger dear precious ones.
Iam been blessed with dear precious extended family and many dear precious friends they all playing a role in my life and we learn new things everyday.
Can't see why more precious people can't keep learning ? it sadned me when I hear older people say I'm too old, to learn new things , or others saying the natural resources are no good for healthy lifestyle.

Dandelion is called a weed by some experts, yet there's more goodness in dandelion root, Burdock, turmeric , ginger= good health. Ginger root , turmeric , dandelion& Burdock root's and many more , hope this answers your questions.

Especially oils too many health benefits orange ginger and turmeric oils lavender eucalyptus tea tree oils .
Heal your precious hearts and minds. Hibiscus tea amazing calmness especially drinking before resting or at the end of the day. Restful night's sleep deep sleep ads recovery . Especially from stressful situations. That we are all facing these days.
Kind regards Swift
keep smiling stay safe.:- )

Sat, Apr 25 9:20am · 2 years sick, nauseous and dizzy, no answer, please help. in Just Want to Talk

Good hope you start to heal , it's difficult trying to get out of your health issues without support . Wish you all the best for happy future ahead.
Kind regards Swift
Keep smiling and record goals in small steps to encourage you and if you don't find your reaching were you want to be look at the website. Videos there about others that have been through similar experience's in their own lives. Here's to not giving up. Keep smiling and stay safe. Jeremiah 29:11,12 … Psalms 147:3 is what I've learnt .

Sat, Apr 25 3:52am · 2 years sick, nauseous and dizzy, no answer, please help. in Just Want to Talk

Try ginger root tea this is amazing spice and can take a bath in ginger too turmeric dandelion root smoothes bananas pineapple cinnamon apple raspberries build up your precious immune system , moranga tea vitamins c and k magnesium spinach carrot juice two bananas and and things you like try see how you find things . Stay focused on little goals just view jw org official website there's comfort there for everyone. Especially in there's different times . Tc kind regards Swift I've been there they really have good advice . Learning a lot keep smiling find something like garden to grow ( if you don't have a garden grow herbs essential oils lavender eucalyptus oil help you to heal too) one step at a time write down what you want to be doing for your precious future . 🙂

Wed, Apr 15 11:49am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Lavender and lemon as you know lavender is great for relaxing and lemon oil just like lemon juice calms your mind and healing effects too add with sandalwood or almond oils or coconut( fractionated is less oily ) it holds the effectiveness of essential oils longer taking a hot bath and cold shower before then quickly warn up with hot towels and use your chosen essential oils, place a slice of lemon if you have one near you bedside , and enjoy good restful nights sleep . I like to turn off website hour before it helps you unwind easier . Read the psalms 27 is very precious . Sometimes use eucalyptus oil with tea tree oil or lavender and Orange oil use no more than three to diffuse and give your room refreshing air , Hope this helps Kind regards swift HUG from England keep smiling and stay safe 🙂

Wed, Apr 15 3:23am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Try eucalyptus oil with coconut oil fractionated add few drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus and rose oil to your knees or tiger balm , it's natural resources without nasty side effects , Dr salts have a dead sea salt and eucalyptus shower/bath liquid it's amazing or make your own . Eucalyptus and charcoal with lavender oil make great hand wash. Or peppermint and tea tree oil with rose oil or orange essential oil. Eating less inflammation helps, sugar and processed foods like additives can make inflammatory response to immune diseases , Burdock root and Mullein drops good for lung health ,
as is dandelion root , after i had collapsed lung i took Mullein drops, ( my dearest precious son who is naturist helps people with sports injuries) ginger root tea with lemon and turmeric, dandelion root this helps recover full lung health. Deep breathing to stay with lung health either with steamed bowl cover your head with towel or something, than breathing deep hold for 5 and slowly blowing out , like your blowing through a straw, this support your immune system better too .
Smoothie s great way to increase comfort in your precious bones strength. Especially spinach carrot and turmeric bananas cinnamon, apple juice, (what ever fruits you enjoy eating) carrot s and carrot juice daily just 10/15 mins before you eat your dinner lunch etc.. can keep your precious hearts smiling. Hope this helps you guy's, enjoy your precious day knowing your not alone. Kind regards swift :.) HUG * from England @@@@@@@@@@@
)()' )()( )()()(*)()')')()()'(
Keep smiling and stay safe.

Tue, Apr 14 6:53am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Try some chilli chocolate or cacao raw chocolate i make smoothes add little chilli chocolate to soups with butternut squash and garlic chicken vegetables you still enjoying chocolate smoothes cacao Spirulina and turmeric spinach carrot juice and apple raspberries and bananas pineapple blueberries yummy = good health happy hearts !!! Walk in shower suna with ginger root and essential oils lavender eucalyptus and or orange essential oils frankincense and coconut fractionated it's healthy and smells amazing. Hope this helps you through this difficult time . Kind regards swift 🙂 keep smiling
and stay healthy.*** your precious strength is inspiring!!!
ps honey great for legs add lavender oil or eucalyptus oil and rose oil add sea salt relax enjoy !!! )

Sun, Apr 12 7:49am · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

Dandelion root is good for lung and kidney health, bananas and pineapple blueberries Apple's raspberries in smoothes with Spirulina as energy boost or essential oils frankincense and lavender oil add to coconut fractionated oil and Aloe Vera gel straight from your plant to your knees and face wash and or hand gels as good if Not more effective than hand gel s they sold for higher prices , butternut squash soups with red onions and vegetables of your choice and add ginger root and or chillies garlic yummy fills you up and boost your precious immune system in turn healthy heart happy heart . Beetroot and garlic good for health blood cleansing and strengthen your body , add tumeric or curcumin with black pepper and fat either avocado or coconut you will walk better and you will be sharper with your precious mind . Eucalyptus oil and lavender add coconut fractionated oil efforts last longer . Dates just three a day will keep you boosting your immune system too add few nuts and almond that will keep you strong . Spinach and TWO bananas pineapple Pears black raspberries if you can get them better, add carrot juice or coconut water so refreshing. Keep smiling stay safe. Read the bible Rev 21:3,4,5 wonderful hope . Psalms 55:22 if you found a poisonous snake on your lap you would throw that as far as possible away from you as you can possibly throw ?!
right so throw your concerns on God Jehovah he cares, for you .
iam learning a lot from : jw org official website , there's plenty of comfort, there especially if you feel stressed,
See for yourself you know you want to
Kind regards swift .:-) * HUG from England