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Nov 23, 2019 · Referral to Mayo declined for Autoimmune or Unknown Condition in Autoimmune Diseases

When I was first diagnosed with Wegener's I was told by my pcp not to go to Mayo because he would no longer be able to treat me. I waited and went to local doctors and have been being treated via Methotrexate first, then Imuran.

Now, those drugs are not working and my rhyumetologist wanted to start over on testing. I saw awesome commercials and knew a couple people that went to Mayo and was excited about going down for testing and diagnosis.

Then, I was denied an appointment because my case is too complex. I have too many symptoms and multiple autoimmune diseases so I would not be seen.

My Cardiopulmonary doc got mad and wrote a letter and said I truly needed to be seen. I called Mayo and they were going to call my doc and call me back. A week later, still nothing.

My rheumatologist is referring me to National Jewish Health in Denver. Hopefully they will see me even without all their fancy commercials and positive reviews.

I was extremely disappointed in Mayo and sorry that I got my hopes up for a place that is supposedly great at helping everyone yet denys people in need.