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Sat, Feb 29 12:15am · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

I don't know why no one responds to my question? I guess no one see me?

Thu, Feb 27 10:56am · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

someone here on hmo said hell change and go to USC doctor. Can you [lease tell me how you did it and the name of the doctor. I have and hmo also with Regal medical group and they don't have quality doctors. My family doctor is a new graduate replaced my good doctor who moved to Virginia. This doctor is learning on me and I would love to change him. Thank you

Fri, Feb 21 4:03pm · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

where do you find one and are they approved by HMO?

Fri, Feb 21 3:54pm · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

Same here american, I have hmo medical group, went to hematology, rehmotolgy and they don't know what's wrong with me and why my white blood is low.
I went to UCLA rehm in burbank and was told it would be $100, spent 5mn with the doctor and now I get a bill for $576.0. I think they're forcing us to buy supplement insurance. I'm in Los Angeles and the hmo would not refer me to USC or UCLA or Cedar Sinai.
I started to have swelling and redness on the side of my leg above the foot and it's getting larger. The bottom of my foot and going higher large red batches. Hematologist referred me to Dr. Church at Children Hospital, he see adults too for Allergy and Immunology.
He wouldn't give appt until he reviews my records. I've been in this mess for three years now and don't know what to do. Please tell me how to maneuver the hmo system

Nov 11, 2019 · Referral to Mayo declined for Autoimmune or Unknown Condition in Autoimmune Diseases

That's why HMO is a bad insurance, only good for the healthy and young

Nov 9, 2019 · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

Can I ask you what kind of specialist your wife saw to find she has CMS? Who would you see at USC.
I have the same symptoms, not that severe. Saw hematologist and Rhematologist, none know what's wrong, except blood tests every six months. I don't know if they do care or not. It's been almost two years and think I should find new good doctors who care. I do have HMO but in Los Angeles the medical group or network are the one who control every thing. I'm now ready to go to outside the insurance and pay my own. I have to control my own health not some medical groups who only care about $$$

Oct 28, 2019 · Autoimmune encephalopathy anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Never heard of neurologist immunologist. How do you find one? I'm in Los Angeles California and on Medicare HMO.