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15 hours ago · Can someone help...terrified: Need info on pancreatic cancer in Cancer

Hi Becky after 2 weeks of tests including CT scan and 2 scopes and an ERCP my husband is at home. Doctors kept talking about removing the gallstones to unblock the bile duct but turned out they weren’t stones…not sure how 7 doctors can say stones but I guess it was a stricture and sent for biopsy which I guess is standard. When we left the hospital the doctor taking care of my husband said this “ we have seen no evidence of cancer in the testing we’ve done” so we left and the next day got a call to have an appt with a new doctor who apparently is a heptologist. Not sure why but just opened up an entirely new stress overload. Maybe it’s standard but I’m scared to death

2 days ago · Can someone help...terrified: Need info on pancreatic cancer in Cancer

Thanks Teresa yes I will I just feel overwhelmed and under supported. When we left hospital doctor said nothing they had seen indicated cancer so I have to hang on to that or I’ll go crazy I think

2 days ago · Can someone help...terrified: Need info on pancreatic cancer in Cancer

So my husband recently was seeing a doctor about yellowing of skin, light stools, weight loss and upper abdominal pain. Last week I took him to emergency and he had a bleeding ulcer. Was rushed to hospital in another city and underwent emergency surgery to clamp off bleeding ulcer. In the meantime he underwent CT Scan 2 scopes and numerous blood tests and an ERCP. 7 doctors told us this blockage was stones. Well it wasn't it was a stricture according to the doctor that performed the ERCP. He has sent a sample for biopsy. So I am now confused and scared out of my wits. ERCP was done late Tuesday Nov 5th. Can anyone advise how long biopsy results take? Now I just received a call from a Heptologist office for an appt next week following up on my husbands recent hospital stay…..what is going on? If he was in hospital for 13 days, had numerous tests and 2-3 scopes would they have missed something really bad? I am so scared…..he is turning pink again as a stent was placed in the bile duct. He is definitely feeling better but did receive 7 bags of blood and 3 bags of iron so I am not sure if he is still tired due to loss of blood or something else is going on?? It seems Heptologists only deal with bad things and yet the doctor told us all the testing they did showed no evidence of cancer…….so sick to my stomach and have 5 more days until appointment. Is there any hope that this could not be something really bad..???
Any response appreciated.

Fri, Oct 25 3:57am · How does anyone handle the fear? in Just Want to Talk

Thank you so much took him by acute care ambulance tonight to hospital a couple hours away…..tests will happen and I guess we will know…..

Thu, Oct 24 2:07pm · Can someone help...terrified: Need info on pancreatic cancer in Cancer

Thank you so much for your reply I’m so scared and feel so alone. We are in Canada but I would travel to states if the treatment was better. Where did you get your diet change information from?

Thu, Oct 24 1:18am · How does anyone handle the fear? in Just Want to Talk

Over the course of 5 weeks my husband has started having daily bouts of diarrhea, a stomachache, then yellow eyes and now yellow skin…waiting for CT scan but finding it so difficult to function everyday just doing normal life is hard. I want to be positive and supportive but don’t know how. Hard to try to have normal conversation it’s like the elephant in the room and I don’t want him to know how terrified I am that this is something bad. Do these symptoms always mean pancreatic cancer or can they be a result of other conditions? Thank you

Thu, Oct 24 1:03am · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

PS: I was 38 when I was diagnosed lumpectomy chemo and radiation…

Thu, Oct 24 1:02am · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

Hello Laurie no you’re right life will never be the same it will be better!! And you’ll go through the tests with anxiety but happiness when you get a clean bill of health. I was diagnosed in 1995 with breast cancer 1 month after my wedding. Appts are still a little unnerving but it does get a lot better as the tests come back clear. You’ll be ok I’m 25 years now and life isn’t the same because my cancer journey made me appreciate life so much more. My positive vibes are coming your way 👍🏻🌻