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Wed, Oct 16 2:13pm · Late onset Menopause in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hi Dorisena- Yes, I am producing estrogen, although it fluctuated wildly, so they put my on low dose birth control pills about 2 months ago. I think I needed the progesterone to counteract the estrogen to prevent uterine cancer. When I would get my period it was VERY heavy on day 2 and 3 and then tapered off, lasting a total of 6 days. I don't smoke, exercise, eat healthy (except for too much wine) and I feel great! I just had a bone density done and it went up! I have no trouble sleeping and my skin has very few wrinkles. It's like I'm a female version of Benjamin Button! Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. I guess I should be happy, but somehow I feel like this will all come at a price, like cancer. I'm just trying to educate myself to prevent that. Someone out there must know something!

Wed, Oct 16 1:09pm · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

@ Lisa- Thank you. I just posted a question on that board. Fingers crossed!

Wed, Oct 16 1:07pm · Late onset Menopause in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I'm 59 and still get my period. No one can figure out why. I'm told your thyroid plays a role and since my thyroid was removed when I was 31 and I've been on Synthroid/levothyroxine ever since), I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

Wed, Oct 16 8:52am · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

As far as specialists, I've gone to 4 different gynocologist, and next week a 5th. I've had multiple uterine biopsies and even a D&C. Thankfully, all pathology reports are negative, but they say do say "exogenous estrogen effect" yet at that time I wasn't taking any hormones. I guess they looked at my age and thought I had to be in menopause so whatever estrogen effect they saw had to be exogenous as opposed to endogenous. Another part of the puzzle!

Is there another type of specialist that I should see?

Wed, Oct 16 8:03am · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

Thank you Gail- I found the article frightening and reassuring all at the same time. I do get a complete physical every year and other than high LDL (bad) cholesterol the but high (100+) HDL (good)cholesterol and very low triglycerides, the doctors don't seem too worried. I Exercise a lot but always had a belly (wine?) so I am a little overweight. My BMI is 29 but I do have a lot of muscle. The thyroid thing is interesting though. I had my thyroid removed in 1991 and have been on Synthroid ever since. Levels are checked yearly. I wonder if there is any connection.

Tue, Oct 15 5:38pm · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

Thank you. Any help would be SOOOO appreciated. I am at a complete loss! One thing I know, I am certainly an anomaly… or just abnormal! I have logged my period since 2016, maybe even before. It has been heavy my entire life, but more so in the last few years. One Tampon and 1 pad every hour on day 2 and 3. After that it tapers down lasting a total of 6 days max. It's always been every 28 ( +/_ 2 days). I may miss a month and maybe even 2 or 3 months, but when you add the total days since my last period and divide by 28 it's always 28 (+/_2) per month. No symptoms of menopause at al! Am I lucky? or crazy?
I mean what 59 year old has never had a hot flash! Someone has to know something about this…….I hope

Tue, Oct 15 10:22am · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

I'm 59 and still getting my period! Anyone else have this? I've been to several doctors and they all have different opinions. Since my mother had ovarian cancer I'm very worried I may get it too. Some doctors suggest I have my ovaries removed, while others suggest low dose birth control pills. I don't really have any menopause symptoms, maybe a rare night sweat. My FSH fluctuates back and forth between 20 and 68 and my Estradiol between 8 and 66. Any help or insight is really appreciated.