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Mon, Jan 13 4:37pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

What a beautiful way to honor him and YOU!!!! You are an inspiration to us all🥰

Mon, Jan 13 5:00am · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

Take care, Jim! Reach out. Your reply sounds as though you are struggling. Wa are here.

Fri, Jan 3 8:08am · Panic Attack Excessively Gone too far in Mental Health

Vitamin/mineral deficiencies can cause horrible panic/anxiety!!! I am so sorry! Please be your own advocate and get blood tests run for vitamin/minerals. Viruses themselves can kick off a smoldering anxiety issue! Strep is known to trigger OCD, they are not 100% sure why that is, but it DOES happen! It is known as PANDAS. I am in no way suggesting that is what you are experiencing.
If all of that checks out, be at peace about that and move forward in your healing. Some viruses alter us a bit for a long time.
Rest, eat right, seek out supportive people, try breathing apps, exercise-if able, meditate, perhaps volunteer! It is in helping others that we heal❤️
Sending strength!

Dec 8, 2019 · Meditation For Anxiety in Mental Health

I cannot seem to let thoughts float on by!

Oct 12, 2019 · Switching from SSRI to SNRI in Mental Health

Hi Karen00, phew! You have been through a lot! Have you asked your Dr. to run the genetic test for psych meds? I know Mayo offers it and other places like Genesite and Gene folio. Perhaps that can help guide the med choices that will work better for you! Worth a shot, especially after trying and switching so much. I wish you health and healing. Let us know if you have tried the test!