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Wed, Nov 13 7:29pm · Electrical shocks throughout my body. in Brain & Nervous System

If the doc doesn't see anything or doesn't know what it is, it's automatically in the patient's imagination. Finding a doc who believes us is quite a challenge.

Wed, Nov 13 7:08pm · Electrical shocks throughout my body. in Brain & Nervous System

kidwithshocks @braedenl2202: I have had electric shocks twice. The first time happened after being discharged from a mental hospital. I thought I was going crazy and was too embarrassed to mention it to the doc. I suspect it might have been due to a med change while in the hospital. That was in the 1980s. Two summers ago I tried to taper off Zoloft. Beside all the usual symptoms a drug addict feels when in need of a fix, the shocks came back. The only body part affected was my head. I'm sorry you are feeling it all over. It was bad enough having frequent shocks all over my head. I hope you find relief fast.

Tue, Nov 12 5:36pm · Anyone dealing with Dystonia? in Brain & Nervous System

I was given a tentative diagnosis last week of abdominal dystonia. When I stand erect, the abd muscles go into spasms pulling my upper body forward making it difficult to get in enough oxygen. As soon as I sit down, I can breathe better. Muscles hurt during and after the spasms. In the morning I can walk/stand erect for about 30 minutes but during the day 3 minutes is about as long as I can stand before the spasms begin. I've had this since my extensive back surgery in April, 2017. The new movement disorder specialist who I saw last week is planning to start me on Austedo (deutetrabenazine)…if insurance will cover it. He said that Botox would be considered if the medicine doesn't work or I can't find resources to provide the med. I'm 73 years old. I have PD. Nancy from SC.

Fri, Oct 25 3:00am · CRPS - anyone suffering with complex regional pain syndrome in Chronic Pain

I'm sorry for this negative comment, but…Have you heard of phantom pain? Even though a part was removed, you can still have just as much pain because your brain doesn't know the part is missing. I went to a hypnotist to get some pain relief because I don't want to be spaced out on drugs. As far as I know there is no downside to hypnosis.

Fri, Oct 25 2:51am · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@jlind. I agree with you about anxiety. I have found that my first reaction to a symptom is anxiety causing the symptom to get worse and the anxiety increases. My handwriting seems to be different every time I pick up a pen. I never know if it will be normal, tiny, or unreadable. I had such difficulty writing checks last month that I asked my son to take care of that chore from now on. Typing is easier for me although sometimes my fingers jump and land on the wrong key. When it gets unmanageable, I'll use the verbal typing as I do when I text. My fingers usually don't hit the right letters on the cell phone.

Fri, Oct 25 2:40am · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Nothing productive. When my arms flap in the morning I just watch them. I find it amusing that my arms fly up in the air without me doing anything. I feel like a puppet and someone is pulling the strings. When I am playing cards in a group setting, I feel terribly embarrassed that my hands tremble and don't always do what I want them to do. I think most of the card players know I have PD. To be realistic, as long as I'm pleasant and don't cheat, probably no one cares about the tremors. The other occasions that cause me embarrassment are the meals that I eat in restaurants or even in my own home if someone joins me for a meal. I've been noticing that I take large bites of food and I think it's because I want to get it all in as fast as possible and just maybe I won't spill this time. Once the food is gone, I can relax. And here's my usual comment, "Tremors don't hurt."

Mon, Oct 21 5:57pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

I'm 72. I used to watch an English comedy on TV called "Keeping Up Appearances." One of the actresses used to shake when she visited her neighbor. The teacup and saucer would rattle from her nervous tremors. I used to laugh and laugh. Then one day I visited a friend of my mothers. She rattled the cups and saucers too. I thought she had seen the TV show and was imitating the actress and I burst out laughing. That turned out to be an embarrassing moment. She had tremors for real. Now that I have tremors, it doesn't seem so funny any more. I'm just thankful tremors don't hurt.

Sun, Oct 20 8:32pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

To me, medication is a trade: symptoms traded for side effects. I look up the possible side effects and decide whether I want to gamble on the medication or just keep my symptom (s). If it doesn't hurt, keeping the symptom wins every time.