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Jun 25, 2012 · Looking for others diagnosed with Crohn's in Digestive Health

Actually any food that works for one patient might not work for another. So the best thing to do is to keep a Food, Feelings, Symptoms (FFS) Diary. Just google to find a sample.

By keeping a such a diary you’ll be able to review your intake over the past 3days when you are feeling sick. Then one by one you can eliminate possible triggers. Strangely, a food that works for me at one time might not work another time. So when I’m feeling even a little sick I will reduce /eliminate all milk & milk products, spicy stuff! Oily food, pizza type processed food etc.

Wishing you the best, do post if you have other queries.

Sep 15, 2011 · Looking for others diagnosed with Crohn's in Digestive Health

I’m on Pentasa & Budesonide for the past 3months and will be taken off Budesonide in two days. I must confess that I’m worried that I’ll have a flare.

Although, the dosage has been steadily reduced from 3 tabs to one and no major issue, pls tell me I’ll be fine…

Sep 1, 2011 · Looking for others diagnosed with Crohn's in Digestive Health

Does that mean you were well enough for docs to stop meds? I thought once on certain meds we need to take them for life! I hope your flare isn’t a strong one and you stay positive to get over it…my best wishes for you

Aug 11, 2011 · Looking for others diagnosed with Crohn's in Digestive Health

Thanks for the info, had never heard of it. I’ve checked and read a bit this morning. Have you or someone you know tried it…just curious.

Wondering how your journey has been with crohn’s since such an early age…

Jul 25, 2011 · Detoxing through nutrition in Healthy Living

Yes, 10min in the steam room & I felt faint headed! I rested for about 10 min but didn’t feel better …they only said that it happens when people are with an empty stomach…but guess what I had eaten earlier.

Some are not trained to watch out for health problems…

Jul 13, 2011 · Detoxing through nutrition in Healthy Living

I’d like to add that keep a critical eye out for negative impact of any new treatment. I had signed-up for a spa treatment package &realized that the steam treatment was unsuitable for my skin &heart. Needed to submit a doctor’s letter to cancel the package deal!

It’s only recently that I’ve been diagnosed with Crohns colitis…at that time I only have occasional palpitations & issues tolerating cold.

Having a nutritious diet is always helpful but do check with your doctor before embarking on any drastic diet plan…massages sound harmless & relaxing…enjoy!

Jul 12, 2011 · What do you think of this Mayo Clinic community site? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Thanks Lee for your prompt response….what little I’ve read about Crohn’s, I understand that it is pretty rare in the Asian population. Hence the Mayo Clinic site would be a very useful platform for patients like myself to get in touch with others with the same condition.

Actually I did try to scroll down but it didn’t work…I’m also looking forward to connecting with medical experts who could probably use my case to conduct studies/research Crohns & its evolving nature over time. I’d feel very satisfied if it leads to improved care for future patients.

Jul 11, 2011 · Sjogren's Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Well, over the past two years I’ve gone from one specialist to another as I had various symptoms bothering me at different times. Dizziness, Palpitations, Dry Eyes & mouth, Skin rashes, IBS, severe fatigue…the list goes on. One after another each specialist would say that there are some symptoms but & don’t fall into any disease category.

A rheuma in another country checked my ANA & I tested positive at 1:80 hence low level of Auto-immune activity a year ago. Sjorgen’s Syndrome was one possibility that popped-up. The secondary blood tests came negative. So again I was left with no clear diagnosis…very cold feet, hands, fatigue, lower than normal blood pressure especially when I tried to sleep! A colonoscopy showed I had some ulcers in my terminal ileum => either TB or Crohn’s.

I decided to convert from full-time to a part-time work arrangement.

Back at home, I was told that all that I have is IBS and along the way my symptoms/flares got closer and more severe until I got admitted recently for severe tenderness in my entire abdomen. A balloon assisted entereoscopy revealed ulcers in my small intestine also. Now it is confirmed that I have Crohn’s Colitis. On Pentasa & Budesonide for now. ANA is now 1:640. ESR & CRP keep going high and back to normal levels.

I’ve decided to continue part-time work to keep my mind positively occupied and relax as well as do more voluntary work to take care of my spirit…looking for positive support from others