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Thu, Nov 21 6:12pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Cold medicine I took really isnt that strong. I am not saying that anyone should run out to get cold medicine. I think really that I have been so aggravated with this cough and it took my mind off the pain and onto the cough.

But now the cold is just about gone still have a lagging cough, but the pain is full on back. And worse than I remember.
Thank you for commenting, I was not sure if I was in the right place any more, I never know where to jump in at.

Thu, Nov 21 12:20pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi Lisa again to update you on my neuropathy journey.
Saw a neurologist this week.
Yes I have neuropathy. In both of my feet, but nerve damage in my hand,
wrist, arm.
Will be doing an EMG. Will be putting a splint on that arm for a long term,
ugh. Crossing fingers though. No pain meds prescribed to me.
But have been told I can take CBD oil-that I have been taking for a month
now. Been sick and oddly the pain was small. Now that I am getting better
from that nasty cold the pain has returned full force. Has anyone else had
That experience with their pain giving them a break with a cold?

Wed, Nov 13 7:14pm · cbd oil questions and brands in Neuropathy

No other side effects.

Wed, Nov 13 7:13pm · cbd oil questions and brands in Neuropathy

Does not make me tired.

Wed, Nov 13 7:10pm · cbd oil questions and brands in Neuropathy

2 droppers day.
1 a.m.
1 p.m.

Wed, Nov 13 7:02pm · cbd oil questions and brands in Neuropathy

This is the 2 I use now. The oil/ is used 2 times a day orally.
The herb cream any time.
I like the cream, it soothes for sure.
The oil, i am not sure yet. It was told to me that I cant stop using it and eventually may have to get a higher mg. But that I am not to stop using it daily or that it may cause depression to stop.
I do not have depression. So I will continue using it. I dont need any more negatives health wise. I hope this helps you.

Sun, Nov 10 8:31pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Hello…I have neuropathy in both feet. And severe nerve damage in one finger that spreading.
I use CBD OIL. And Herbal /CBD Cream
It soothes the nerve damaged fingers. My feet are a LIKE NEWSFLASH, didnt know I have it. They do burn, both of them do, one toe feels like a rubber band is on it. I use nothing on them …YET.. actually just now thinking of using the cream on one foot tonight.
The oil is oral and taken 2 times a day and it is about gome now to take it.
Where do you get the gabapentin?
What is the cost?
I spent 65$ on 1 bottle/1months supply CBD OIL. Thats the oral oral.
…and 35$ on the Lavender Herbal Cream over the counter at Like Walmart.
I was told by the CBD oil guy that most of his clients are in their 80s. That was news to me.
It all is not a cure. But it soothes me.
I am sick right now and am curious if I should kept taking the CBD while I was taking antibiotics and a cough med with codine…I so dont believe there was much codine in it. I had insomnia the past week and that is NOT normal.
I usually sleep like a baby, no matter what.
Oh…yes, I had a question for you ..
Did the cortisone help??

Mon, Oct 21 10:57pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

I know nothing about it, I am simply asking for any feedback from any of you about it.
Again, thankyou.