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Sun, Jun 14 12:04pm · SBRT vs. Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Similar situation trying to figure out what to do. I was 3 + 4 Gleason but it turned into 4 + 3 by the time I acted. I actually went a little over a year before making the real decision. Went to Mayo to talk about some of the newer treatments and trials but didn't work out for me so that put the decision back to radiation or Surgery. I opted for surgery at 66 for 2 reasons that the radiation can cause complications in later years, and radiation can screw things up if you do want to do surgery at a later date. Some of that decision has to do with what age you are and life longevity after the procedure…………Just had my 3 month PSA and it is now undetectable, down from over 10, so hopefully it stays there. Yes the incontinence can be a pain but it is mild now at 3 1/2 months. Don't know yet about the ED. Hopefully goes away eventually. Remains to be seen. The Dr just prescribed viagra but haven't tried it yet.

Thu, May 14 8:00pm · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Was in a similar situation age 65/66. Still considered "young" and strong. PSA varied over a year from 7.2 to 10.4. Gleason 7 (3+4) at the beginning biopsy. Also had the Genomic test and was on the advanced side of the curve. General info says surgery and radiation can deliver the same results, but that radiation can have consequences farther down the line . I opted for surgery for the same reasons, hopefully "1 and done" and they get to biopsy the whole prostate after and see what happened. Also a general theory put forth was that age can have a lot to do with choice, where 65 and healthy doing surgery is great, but 75 or 80 and not as strong can really tip the scale to radiation. ……..I'm getting my post op PSA next week and will see what happened so far. I had a friend who had surgery and then was hafing issues again a few years later and he just had 3 month radiation/hormone therapy and said it went great. He wasn't getting the hot flashed and bad effects he was expecting…….PS The good thing about the after op biopsy by the pathologist is that they found that my Gleason 7 had turned from a 3+4 to a 4+3, so it was good it all came out.

Wed, Apr 22 2:16pm · Anyone had Proton Beam SBRT radiation at Mayo Clinic? in Prostate Cancer

I personally did not want radiation treatments, so went ahead with prostate surgery on 2/28. I did talk to Mayo about treatments, but did it in my home state of VT which was great to be 6 miles from homes instead of 1000 miles away and all that would entail………

Tue, Mar 31 10:20am · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

I went to Mayo to look into diff procedures other than radiation or Surgery. My local medical center did not want to do a MRI as they said it was not needed for surgery or radiation. So Mayo did the MRI and it was very helpful. Wish I'd had it much sooner. Talked to the specialists there about alternative procedures, Focal Laser Ablation and Cryotherapy, and a 3rd one, all leaving the prostate and just locally working on the cancer. Dr Woodrum said he could get excellent results with all 3, but it depends on how much cancer you have and where it is. I had a Gleason 7 3+4 but it turned into 4+3 at a later date. Mine was too close too the edge of the prostate so they had no margin to work with, and larger than they wanted to work on so I came back and had the surgery……….

Mon, Mar 30 8:16am · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Mine was Oncotype. It did show that I was above the median figures for the genomic testing, and having had my prostate out on Feb. 28th they found that the tumor had advanced from a Gleason 3 + 4 to a Gleason 4+3 so I guess they were right…………

Sat, Jan 18 12:16am · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

I see I was mentioned in the above Email. Sorry for the delay but I was at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota getting an MRI and talking with 2 of the specialists about newer ablation treatments. Unfortunately for a couple reasons, I am not a candidate for the Laser Heat Treatment or the Cryotherapy so will be having Prostate surgery sometime in the next couple months. I have not gotten info on radiation that makes me want to do it. At age 65 surgery appears to be the better way for me. I did find out that Cryotherapy freezing treatment is covered by insurance, but the newer Focal Laser Ablation is not covered for prostate, and could cost approx. $20,000 to have it performed.

Dec 12, 2019 · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

As far as leaving the prostate in, there is freezing Cryotherapy which I'm not familiar with. ALso there is a relatively newer one called Focal Laser Ablation where they heat treat the tumors but it is in trials so technically not totally medically accepted yet. I've had a biopsy which gave me a gleason 7 but am going to the Mayo Clinic in January to have a high resolution MRI and they will tell me what procedures they think are medically relevant for me, including whether I qualify for the trial or not. Once I know that I will be choosing between the trial or surgery. They are doing the trials all over the country, at hospitals and clinics and university facilities. THere is a list of who is doing it. There is a Sperling Institute in Florida that does the heat treatment, and they have testimonials of guys having the procedure done and going out to dinner that night. There is not a ton of info out there on it, so I'm waiting to talk with the Dr who runs the program at Mayo to find out the details……………

Nov 14, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

I have a good friend who just did the hormone and radiation therapy after previously having had surgery to take out the prostate. He was expecting various consequences but said that the hormone therapy did not produce the hot flashes as expected, so effects can vary for different people.
Since your last post on the Proton Beam radiation was 8 months ago I'm wondering if you have anything to add about early or long term side effects and if you still think the Proton Beam was a good protocol for you. I have been leaning .toward surgery but i see a lot of men that have opted for radiation therapy…….