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1 day ago · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

I went to Mayo to look into diff procedures other than radiation or Surgery. My local medical center did not want to do a MRI as they said it was not needed for surgery or radiation. So Mayo did the MRI and it was very helpful. Wish I'd had it much sooner. Talked to the specialists there about alternative procedures, Focal Laser Ablation and Cryotherapy, and a 3rd one, all leaving the prostate and just locally working on the cancer. Dr Woodrum said he could get excellent results with all 3, but it depends on how much cancer you have and where it is. I had a Gleason 7 3+4 but it turned into 4+3 at a later date. Mine was too close too the edge of the prostate so they had no margin to work with, and larger than they wanted to work on so I came back and had the surgery……….

3 days ago · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Mine was Oncotype. It did show that I was above the median figures for the genomic testing, and having had my prostate out on Feb. 28th they found that the tumor had advanced from a Gleason 3 + 4 to a Gleason 4+3 so I guess they were right…………

Sat, Jan 18 12:16am · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

I see I was mentioned in the above Email. Sorry for the delay but I was at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota getting an MRI and talking with 2 of the specialists about newer ablation treatments. Unfortunately for a couple reasons, I am not a candidate for the Laser Heat Treatment or the Cryotherapy so will be having Prostate surgery sometime in the next couple months. I have not gotten info on radiation that makes me want to do it. At age 65 surgery appears to be the better way for me. I did find out that Cryotherapy freezing treatment is covered by insurance, but the newer Focal Laser Ablation is not covered for prostate, and could cost approx. $20,000 to have it performed.

Dec 12, 2019 · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

As far as leaving the prostate in, there is freezing Cryotherapy which I'm not familiar with. ALso there is a relatively newer one called Focal Laser Ablation where they heat treat the tumors but it is in trials so technically not totally medically accepted yet. I've had a biopsy which gave me a gleason 7 but am going to the Mayo Clinic in January to have a high resolution MRI and they will tell me what procedures they think are medically relevant for me, including whether I qualify for the trial or not. Once I know that I will be choosing between the trial or surgery. They are doing the trials all over the country, at hospitals and clinics and university facilities. THere is a list of who is doing it. There is a Sperling Institute in Florida that does the heat treatment, and they have testimonials of guys having the procedure done and going out to dinner that night. There is not a ton of info out there on it, so I'm waiting to talk with the Dr who runs the program at Mayo to find out the details……………

Nov 14, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

I have a good friend who just did the hormone and radiation therapy after previously having had surgery to take out the prostate. He was expecting various consequences but said that the hormone therapy did not produce the hot flashes as expected, so effects can vary for different people.
Since your last post on the Proton Beam radiation was 8 months ago I'm wondering if you have anything to add about early or long term side effects and if you still think the Proton Beam was a good protocol for you. I have been leaning .toward surgery but i see a lot of men that have opted for radiation therapy…….

Nov 11, 2019 · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

Thanks for the different ideas! I haven't been real keen on radiation so far but there are a lot of guys who do opt for it. Have a friend who had surgery and a while later had some cancer in another area and he just did radiation and hormone therapy together and it worked great and he was surprised at how little side effects he had. Much less than expected. ………The book may need updating as procedures seem to be advancing rapidly these days. ………I've gone to a support group a few times and heard lots of stories but a lot of different approaches taken and people have different medical things going on so hard to pinpoint 1 thing or protocol to take. They have a different medical professional each meeting. After I told my story and about meeting with the different radiation and oncology people and then trying to make a decision about what protocol to follow, trying to decide about something I knew nothing about a few months before and still know very little, this Dr. was rather taken aback that such an important decision isn't helped along more by group interaction with all the medical professionals involved. Basically that we have to troll around and find out whatever we can and then make the decision ourselves when we barely know what is going on………….

Nov 10, 2019 · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

Hi semeon………I sent a reply but it didn't appear to work right and don't think it went out. Pardon if this is a duplication. I've looked at the Sperling site and am in contact with Mayo but don't have any 1st hand knowledge yet. No one I have spoken to knows about the Laser Ablation and you are the 1st person I;ve seen to actually have the procedure. I missed 1 of the basic markers of their criteria so I'm not sure if they will take me. I have a Gleason 7 and Genomic text was above the median and marked as more aggressive. So have been considering Surgery but have a very short time (about 3 months) to figure out if the Laser Ablation is an option for me. You mentioned you had it done twice, and I'm curious if they didn't get it all the 1st time or you had some recurrence so they did it again. The good thing is the procedure can be done more than once. Also I would be happy to have the extra imaging done to actually see what is there which I believe is done for the Ablation. I've been told that if I do surgery or radiation they don't do extra imaging and only go by the biopsy itself. If you have anything you feel you can share, I'd love to hear…………..Regards, Dave

Nov 8, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Thanks for all the detailed info! As I said in another post, everyone has a different story and different reasons for how they approach treatment and I'm glad you found what worked for you! There is much in your email that has gone into my similar thinking. In particular your little section on radiation and also surgery as a chance of a cure is kind of where I am at on that. I would rather not do anything but unfortunately have passed that stage and can't wait for the next generation cures so have to work with what is here now. I'm Gleason 7 (3+4), and PSA is 8.7 at the latest. I've only gone up about 1 point in the last year which is good but with the Genomic test added they think I should act. I'm about 2/3 up the scale on that……… I've been taking LOADS OF SUPPLEMENTS for a year, some on advice of a cancer naturopath and some from what I've picked up here and there so that may be a factor in the slow rise. Many have been studied with cancer in mind and some have had research studies done and published. In any event even if they are not stopping the cancer, they are really good for the immune system. Naturopath says ALL MUSHROOMS are good (store or wild) (either eaten for the beta glucan or supplements), Stamets 7 has 7 diff. cancer related mushrooms in 1, also Chaga Tea for drinking or Chaga alcohol extract by dropper, Curcumin/Turmeric, Melatonin, POMI-T supplement. The supplements can also be taken continually after to help slow or mitigate future returning cancer. The Naturopath unfortunately does not have a magic cure but works with health and immune system before and after treatment which he also recommends doing.