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Sep 25, 2012 · Mayo Clinic Diet in Just Want to Talk

Yes, it’s a one-day-at-a-time challenge. I joined Weight Watchers last week. I appreciate all the good information from the Mayo diet plan, but I found I needeed more accountability in the form of a group meeting.

Jan 2, 2012 · Thyroid nodules in Head & Neck Cancer

@ jojoe: thanks for the info. I had parathyroid surgery in September, so I was thinking my experience might be relevant to your situation, but probably not. One similarity: location of these glands. Area has a rich blood supply so heals quickly with very small chance of infection.

Jan 2, 2012 · Thyroid nodules in Head & Neck Cancer

Are these nodules the same thing as parathyroid glands?

Jan 2, 2012 · Trying to make my depression better. in Just Want to Talk

Darling girl, I’m so glad you’re trying to make things better. It sounds like your therapist knows what she’s talking about! I just want you to know I’m on your side, too.

Jan 2, 2012 · Grief and Childlessness: Can't have my own in Loss & Grief

What I’ve learned: depression is one of the burdens of intelligence. So is sensitivity. I guess the big question for those of us prone to depression is “What are we supposed to do with our feelings?!” It looks to me like the previous writers explained what worked for them. That’s fine, as long as no one gets preachy! Have you read Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Travelled?” It helped me.

Nov 14, 2011 · Mayo Clinic Diet in Just Want to Talk

On Saturday, I ran in my first 2 mile event here in my hometown. Okay, “run” isn’t accurate — I walked, but I huffed & puffed just like I was running! It was hard. I did it! Yay, me!!

Nov 14, 2011 · Mayo Clinic Diet in Just Want to Talk

No “forbidden” foods or secret formulas. It’s based on the Mayo Clinic’s food pyramid. You’re supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables (from the bottom of the pyramid) and fewer fats and sugars (from the top). There’s a nice page on Facebook that explains it really well.

Oct 4, 2011 · Stress eating in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Stress makes me want to eat, too. Overeating works very well for me as a way to calm down and relax. I like feeling full — it’s like the opposite of stressed out and anxious! Here’s what I’ve learned: there are other ways to relax that don’t have calories. Lately I’ve used a meditation tape to relax in the morning for 10 to 20 minutes. It helps. I think the important thing is just trying to relax in some way besides eating until your stomach is too full.